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Implement External API into WordPress

I am trying to implement parts of an external api found here ( into my wordpress theme. However I have no idea to get the data from X to Y. I have tried using this code $uri = ‘’; $reqPrefs[‘http’][‘method’] = ‘GET’; $stream_context = stream_context_create($reqPrefs); $response = file_get_contents($uri, false, $stream_context); $fixtures = json_decode($response); echo stripslashes($fixtures); […]

Can't update database after wordpress update from 3.8.1 to 4.4.1

I have just updated wordpress 3.8.1 to 4.4.1. Tried to update in various ways: Before updating I have deactivated all the plugins and switched to the default theme provided by wordpress i.e. twentyfourteen. Option 1: Update wordpress automatically. Files are updated successfully as I can the see the message. But it keeps loading with the […]

Production Site: Moving from WordPress RC to Final Release Version

Although it’s not recommended, I’m planning to use the 4.4RC for a new production site (the new Twentysixteen theme is perfect for what I need). Once the final release version is out, what is the process for updating? Is it a simple core update? Do I need to do something different? If so, what? Would […]

Where can I find the corrent version of my wordpress blog?

Where can I find the corrent version of my wordpress blog ?

Content DISAPPEARS when simply adding normal text for ONE POST ONLY

This is the oddest thing I’ve ever seen on wordpress. Here’s my problem: I have a whole ton of text. But the last few lines I have this: < blockquote>[Laughs] I’m doing the exact same thing I’m doin’ live. Plug in, turn it up, turn on the machine and play. I don’t overdub anything. I […]

Browse Happy in 3.2

The Browse Happy interruption would only appear to logged-in admin users, correct? It won’t show up on my public facing site? I can’t really fire up IE6 very easily to find out.

WordPress 2.7 upgrade protocol

I have been entrusted with this site and it’s running wordpress 2.7. It’s theme is a custom designed theme and hasn’t had any plugin updates since about 2010. I am hesitant to update anything until I know if and/or how it can be done. Will I need to source every version from 2.7 and […]

Any plans for a non backwords compatible WP release?

Imagine all the old_functions_that_do_the_same_thing_as_new_functions() being ripped out. Think of the consistency and improved work flow while working with different themes and plugins. Is there already a branch like this or is there something in the pipeline?

Bandwidth usage increased in WordPress 3.5

I am facing bandwidth issue, for last (2012) whole year bandwidth usage of my WordPress site was 11.66 GB, after updating WordPress to version 3.5 in early January 2013, bandwidth usage for my site in January 2013 is 38.76 GB. Does anyone have any idea about the cause of this issue?

How can I apply a WP filter on specific plugin version

I have the plugins list in ‘wp-admin/plugins.php’ page. For each plugin there is some meta info extracted by WP from each plugin file: /*  * Plugin Name: somename  * Version: 1.2.3   */  I want to filter the version of a plugin, to show it in the plugins list, but not to modify the plugin file, […]