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WSOD 3.9.1 – Tried Everything so far

Hoping someone can help me troubleshoot my White Screen of Death. Site Info: WP 3.9.1 (just upgraded) PHP Version: 5.4 (just upgraded) Single Version Many other installs of WP on this server (with same database / php settings) and they are unaffected. I was prompted to do the ‘Update Database Required’ on wp-admin when I […]

Gallery shortcode menu order fix no longer working on WordPress 4.0

I currently use the pmc_gallery_menu_order_fix for setting the menu order for image attachments in galleries as seen here: WordPress 3.5 Gallery Menu Order not set? With WordPress 4.0, I am now getting an endless loop on the wp_update_post part of the code. Breaking it down, there appears the post IDs, arrays etc all seem to […]

Implement External API into WordPress

I am trying to implement parts of an external api found here ( into my wordpress theme. However I have no idea to get the data from X to Y. I have tried using this code $uri = ‘’; $reqPrefs[‘http’][‘method’] = ‘GET’; $stream_context = stream_context_create($reqPrefs); $response = file_get_contents($uri, false, $stream_context); $fixtures = json_decode($response); echo stripslashes($fixtures); […]

Can't update database after wordpress update from 3.8.1 to 4.4.1

I have just updated wordpress 3.8.1 to 4.4.1. Tried to update in various ways: Before updating I have deactivated all the plugins and switched to the default theme provided by wordpress i.e. twentyfourteen. Option 1: Update wordpress automatically. Files are updated successfully as I can the see the message. But it keeps loading with the […]

Production Site: Moving from WordPress RC to Final Release Version

Although it’s not recommended, I’m planning to use the 4.4RC for a new production site (the new Twentysixteen theme is perfect for what I need). Once the final release version is out, what is the process for updating? Is it a simple core update? Do I need to do something different? If so, what? Would […]

Where can I find the corrent version of my wordpress blog?

Where can I find the corrent version of my wordpress blog ?

Content DISAPPEARS when simply adding normal text for ONE POST ONLY

This is the oddest thing I’ve ever seen on wordpress. Here’s my problem: I have a whole ton of text. But the last few lines I have this: < blockquote>[Laughs] I’m doing the exact same thing I’m doin’ live. Plug in, turn it up, turn on the machine and play. I don’t overdub anything. I […]

Browse Happy in 3.2

The Browse Happy interruption would only appear to logged-in admin users, correct? It won’t show up on my public facing site? I can’t really fire up IE6 very easily to find out.

WordPress 2.7 upgrade protocol

I have been entrusted with this site and it’s running wordpress 2.7. It’s theme is a custom designed theme and hasn’t had any plugin updates since about 2010. I am hesitant to update anything until I know if and/or how it can be done. Will I need to source every version from 2.7 and […]

Any plans for a non backwords compatible WP release?

Imagine all the old_functions_that_do_the_same_thing_as_new_functions() being ripped out. Think of the consistency and improved work flow while working with different themes and plugins. Is there already a branch like this or is there something in the pipeline?