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Updating beyond WordPress 4.2.1 yields “allowed memory size exhausted”

I have a Windows Server running Plesk that has several WordPress sites. The PHP version on each is 5.5.26. One, which uses the defaults for PHP, updates to the latest (4.2.3) with no issues, while the other sites, trying to update to 4.2.2 and now 4.2.3 yields the error message: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory […]

Where is the changelog for 3.5? where is the list of added removed files?

This: is not a changelog. This: gives a few changes, etc, but no list of files added and removed. Where might I find a list of ‘breaking changes’? Actions and Filters that work differently?

Is there any way to allow a plugin to write over a previous version?

When installing a plugin, it will not install if the directory to which it is attempting to install already exists. This means that users of our plugin must first manually deactivate and delete the plugin. Is there any way to forcibly overwrite the directory or to deactivate the plugin and delete the directory at installation? […]

Featured Image missing in WordPress 3.2 Admin

I’ve just upgraded from 3.1.2 to 3.2, and now “featured image” is no longer listed at the bottom right of a post in admin. Has this feature of WP been removed? Can it be added back, or turned back on? My old posts still have their old featured image, but it cannot be added to […]

Information about WordPress 4

Are there any details on when WP 4 will be released? Is it true it will be a fundamental re-write using considerable Ajax? I am really interested in the following issue which is reported as included in 4.0

Plugin development: How many plugin and WordPress version combinations to support?

I’m developing a plugin (my first plugin), and I wonder how to think about [supporting and testing various plugin version and WordPress version combinations]. For example, if I develop a plugin, and release versions 1.0 and 1.1 and 2.0. Meanwhile, WordPress releases versions 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4. Now, at the one extreme: Should I assume […]

Where to find WordPress API changes for each version released

When I go here to download WordPress –, is there a page either on the web or nested within the folders of the downloaded package that will explain any core code modifications (i.e. new or refactored WordPress API components) within the latest version? I’m trying to learn what major API changes have been introduced […]

Where the WordPress Core Translation is “actually” taking place?

I’m a WordPress Core Bengali translator, currently translating and/or fixing existing translations of WordPress 3.8x Bengali in Suddenly, yesterday I got an update notification in all my WPLANG ‘bn_BD‘ sites that, a new version of WordPress Bengali for WordPress 3.9 has come, so update your system. After the update I found a bluff update, […]

What are WordPress installation percentages by version?

I’m in the process of developing a plugin, and I’d like to figure out which versions of WordPress to support. But to get a good idea I’d need to know what percentages of old WordPress versions make up the install base. Does such information exist? Alternatively if such information doesn’t exist, does anyone have a […]

How to make alert for new version on theme options?

Let say my theme host on my server. User download my theme and use it. Now I want notify @ alert for new version of my theme. Example to show “New version has been release. Please download at …” How to do that?