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Git Workflow for Large, Live Site?

The WordPress site I am working on has thousands of posts, is updated hourly, and has dozens of plugins and hacks to get it to work in the way it does. Can someone explain a git workflow that would allow the following? Essentially, I want to take everything that is currently there — all WordPress […]

What actions affect files, DB, or both?

I’m looking into setting up a development -> staging -> production workflow, and the biggest issue so far is figuring out how to sync the databases. To this end, I’m trying to figure out exactly which actions will affect the filesystem, the database, or both. Here’s how I think it works. Please correct me where […]

How can I invoke an action after a CiviCRM triggering event?

If I want to have a certain action taken after a CiviCRM ‘trigger’, what is the best approach? I’m a Drupal developer used to using Drupal workflows on CiviCRM actions, and I am unfamiliar with WordPress workflow frameworks.

How to merge local and live databases?

We’ve been developing for WordPress for several years and whilst our workflow has been upgraded at several points there’s one thing that we’ve never solved… merging a local WordPress database with a live database. So I’m talking about having a local version of the site where files and data are changed, whilst the data on […]

Add a new post status in the post progression

I run a site with about 30 authors and 3 editors. Authors submit posts for review, and editors schedule or publish them. It would be useful to have another post status of “Editing” between Pending Review and Scheduled/Published. I realize there’s a warning when someone else is editing a post, and that’s probably significant enough, […]

design and development workflow

We’re developing a set of websites, complex ones with a lot in common, and the company have decided to use WP as a base CMS. As in every site, there is a design process, followed by HTML, then development/CMS integration. However, I’m wondering how would that work with WP? Do companies design all templates, then […]

How do I add version control to my workflow?

I develop themes, lots of them. I am given a PSD, code up the HTML/CSS, slap the code into WordPress, and make corrections as they get QC’d. Once live, clients can edit blog posts like normal or upload photos using a custom plugin. Sometimes I have to make changes to the theme or to the […]

WordPress Git Workflow Help

I’m looking for a strong streamlined workflow idea for working with WordPress. Would like to have my git environment on my own server internally, not using Github to handle repos. Automatic creation of subdomains upon git branch creation ( , – Probably some shell script hook would be ideal for this. Phing PHP/Shell script […]