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Fastest way to update a theme

Currently the process is to open the themes tab, click details, delete the existing theme, click add theme, open the dialogue box, select the file, begin upload then test before activating – but I’m pretty sure this process can be faster. I’m using a Gulp build process to produce the theme folder and zip. The […]

WordPress Workflow – version control, deployment = database issue

I’m trying to work version control into developing a WordPress site, but I’m unable to solve the issue of DB synchronization. For simplicity’s sake, I will describe a scenario with just Live and Staging websites and repos: Pull down Live DB to Staging DB Do the same for code Install WP plugin on Staging. Tweak, […]

Setting Up PHP Workflow in WordPress

I started a wordpress site about games, and I’d like to setup a workflow to allow php devs to work on the backend without fear of breaking something on the main site. How can I modify plugins so they don’t affect the main site? I can run a server locally, and make my modifications with […]

Setting up Version Control for WordPress plugin development

Does anyone have suggestions for setting up version control for developing WordPress plugins? I’m working in a development environment, and I’m trying to avoid having to repo the entire WordPress instance. My ideal solution, is to create a repository for one individual directory that contains my plugin. What are others using to manage their plugin […]

Tips for managing code when developing a parent theme framework

I have started work on an open source theme framework that pulls in lots of great code & resources from elsewhere. For example it uses: jQuery Option Framework Theme LESS etc etc. Most of these external projects are hosted on Github or SVN. Rather than continually download and integrate the latest versions of these other […]

Workflow for working with git and WordPress

As my site becomes more important to my business, I want to have better version control so I can look up past changes and backup my code. I keep seeing people talking about having their entire site in git and I want to know how that works. I currently have my custom theme in my […]

How to run subversion and staging environments when running WordPress

I come from a .NET world with custom solutions, where I am used to multiple staging environments and subversion for everything. I’ve been googling a lot, and have some questions on how handle highend WordPress installations with a professional workflow. I am looking for a workflow along the lines: Modifications can be made on a […]

Tweets based on Twitter hashtag into a pending WP post

If a twitter user sends out a lot of content during the day, not all of their followers see it. It’d be good to have a way to 1) curate those links for followers 2) get more traffic back to your site Are there plugins or hacks to take tweets from a specific hashtag and […]

Include drafts in internal link dialog

Ok, so I’m doing a new project and we’re going to be using WordPress as a magazine CMS. In some cases we’ll have a cluster of articles about a topic and it will be natural to link from one article to another. So, here we are in final edit in WP. We want to add […]

Efficient way to edit WordPress themes

I’ve been editing my WordPress theme templates and CSS manually, in Notepad++, using Firebug to inspect and tweak elements and Filezilla to upload the modified CSS files to my web server. But it seems like a very inefficient way to do it, so I’ve been searching for a better way. I have Dreamweaver and tried […]