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Disable /wp-admin/plugin-install.php

How can I disable plugin upload and installation via WordPress Admin? Should still be able to activate/deactivate plugins in admin.

Conditionally load CSS/JS/PHP in wp-admin if using a mobile device

I’m looking for a way to conditionally load different scripts if the user is accessing the admin area from a mobile device. In my case I’m looking to restrict the user to just be able to make new posts, so if you log in to the admin area from a mobile device you’re redirected to […]

Require a Custom Taxonomy to be checked

I have a custom taxonomy, “position”, with multiple terms for a custom post type, “employee” in the admin. I want to validate the form to require a position to be selected when you save/update a post. How do I validate and make the position custom taxonomy a required field in the wordpress admin? Also, I’d […]

Weird problems after recovery from security breach

The shared server that I used for hosting my WordPress website was hacked recently, and many of the index.php files, plugin files and uploads were deleted, with my MySQL databases untouched. But after having restored all of it from my local backups, I’m having some weird problems. My homepage does not fully load – […]

How to show postmeta in custom columns for the posts screen?

I’ve got a True/False value added to posts (Exclusive versus Curated) that was added via Advanced Custom Fields. How do I get that value to show up as a column on the Post list (/wp-admin/edit.php) to allow editors to quickly sort via that field? I found this example (–wp-24934) for adding the post thumbnail, but […]

how to not show plugin in admin area

I’m just getting started with wordpress development. I’m trying to create a simple plugin that show results from a db in a table. I can do this, but I’m having trouble with the plugin showing at the top of the admin pages. I’m not sure why it does this. my plugin function: add_action(‘init’,’hello_world’); function hello_world() […]

Hide a page in the admin end without a plugin?

I’m creating a series of pages with iFrames embedded in them, but it seems the only way to do this within WordPress (i.e. using the templating system) is to create pages in the admin end and then create individual templates for each of those pages. Is it possible to hide those pages from the admin […]

Always show same size tags for Tag Cloud in WordPress Admin

I wanted to know if there was a way to modify the back-end of WordPress to do 2 things: Make all tags‘ font the same size, so none are larger than the others Always show the most used tags when creating/editing a post This only applies to the back-end of WordPress, not calling the tag […]

How to customize admin posts based on the user who is logged in

We are building a site that will have 10-15 photographers posting content. There will be a common blog + each admin has their own portfolio to manage. “Portfolio galleries” and “portfolio pages” are two custom types and they are categorized using “Artist”, a custom taxonomy. We would like all admins: to be able to see […]

Warning/Error in Admin Panel while developing theme

I am developing a theme for my website. As soon as I activated the theme, the following errors/warnings shows up on the top of the admin panel on every page. Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method WPEditorAdmin::removeDefaultEditorMenus() should not be called statically in C:\Users\…\wp-includes\plugin.php on line 406 Strict […]