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How to remove items from +New admin menu?

I would like to limit the +New admin menu to only show the single sub menu Event (“Veranstaltung”). Basically the users are allowed to create other items as well but not from that +New menu. I already tried it with “Adminimize” plugin as this can remove the other items but it will leave the new […]

URLs of plugin resources?

I am trying to add in a script and css file for my plugin into the admin header. Is there a function similar to get_bloginfo(‘url’) that I could use to reference the files correctly without having to hard code url’s?

Edit specific nodes in WP_Admin_Bar

Is it easily possible to edit links in the WP_Admin_Bar global $wp_admin_bar instance?

Is it possible to show custom comment metadata in the admin panel?

I’ve customized my comment form with a new field (city, but that doesn’t really matter). I’ve hooked and filtered and added my comment metadata with add_comment_metadata. I want to show that metadata in the Comments admin panel (wp-admin/edit-comments.php). Google searches prove fruitless. Is this possible? If it is, how does one go about it? I’d […]

Displaying which Role the current user is assigned to

Is there a section on the admin panel of my WordPress installation which just displays what role the current logged in user has? For example, I know I have administrator permissions because I know that but I can’t see it confirmed anywhere. Also, if I set myself up as an Editor, how do I quickly […]

Sort wp_nav_menu() by menu order

I have made a custom menu handler for the back end, sorting the via a drag drop based on CMS Page Order. The problem now is that it seems that it’s not possible to sort wp_nav_menu in any other way than the default one, can that be really be true?

Custom Post Type Name Causing Problem

Please ignore my poor English. I have custom post type (order). and its working like charm, But default post type (pages) list are not displaying in wp-admin side. You can see More information in attached screenshots. Please help me guys to figure out what is the problem. For Order Post Type:- For Pages:- I have […]

How to add custom content under plugin row in WordPress admin plugin list?

I’m looking to add a custom message under my plugin in the “Plugins” page, much like the following screenshot: What action or filter should I use? Thank you!

How to prevent parent admin page from appearring as a child admin page

I am using this code: add_menu_page($page_title, $menu_title, $this->capability, $menu_slug, $function); Which is adding top level admin page. When I add: add_submenu_page( $menu_slug, ‘sub menu 1’, ‘sub menu 1’, $this->capability, $menu_slug . ‘_sub_menu_page_1’, $function ); I get not only the desired child page, but also the parent page moves to become a child page of itself.

Why are my frontend theme styles bleeding into the backend?

I’m developing a custom theme. For some reason, some of the styles I define globally in the front-end (like certain styles for headings and such) are affecting the back-end. I am using the WP-LESS plugin and enqueueing the main stylesheet in the theme’s functions.PHP: wp_enqueue_style( ‘mainLESS’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/less/index.less’); Is this normal behaviour? How should […]