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Link blogname and blogdescription to the Options Framework

I’m putting together a Theme Options page, where the user(s) I’m building this for would like to be able to edit a few settings directly from this page, including of which – the Site Title and Tagline. With some fantastic help from brasofilo, I have the following… /inc/options-framework.php: /** * Validate Options. * * This […]

displaying an error before update_post_meta

I’m trying to restrict how many items you can associate with a post so in my save function I have: add_action( ‘save_post’, array( $this, ‘save_custom_items_data’ ), 10, 2 ); public function save_custom_items_data( $post_id, $post ) { if(count($related_items) > 5) { // display error message here but the page redirects anyway… } else { update_post_meta( $post_id, […]

How can I limit page parent dropdown to show only author's own pages?

I’m trying to get the page parent dropdown (in page attributes) to show only pages that have been published by the author of the current page. This doesn’t seem to work : add_filter( ‘page_attributes_dropdown_pages_args’, ‘mwm_show_only_author_pages_in_attributes’ ); add_filter( ‘quick_edit_dropdown_pages_args’, ‘mwm_show_only_author_pages_in_attributes’ ); function mwm_show_only_author_pages_in_attributes( $args ) { global $post; $args[‘author’] = $post -> post_author; return $args; } […]

How can I prevent redirects from mysite/page to mysite/wp path/page?

Apparently this is built into WP somwhere since going to mysite/wp-login.php takes me to mysite/<wp path>/wp-login.php (same for wp-admin and I presume other paths). The problem is, I don’t like this functionality. My paths are intentionally not the default in order to make them less accessible to automated brute force attacks, but these redirects prevent […]

Wp-admin Custom User Management

I am working on a plugin for which I will have to develop a backend page similar to the built-in “Users” one, in the sense that it will be basically do the same things: list the existing users ( using the WP_List_Table class ), edit / remove, and add new ones as well. The only […]

500 Internal Server Error after Register dialog, but with successful registration

I get a 500 Internal Server error if I try to register a new user. This user will be created successfully, but I don’t want that my users will see the error page and, therefore, think that something went wrong. My WordPress is hosted in a subdirectory of my institutions web page (e.g., The […]

Changing the header on post listing page in admin area

I want to display my custom menu in custom post listing page under the title of custom post type. For example there are post type and one small icon on custom post type listing page as well as add/edit custom post type page. Under that icon I want to add my custom menu from my […]

unsuccessful attempt to change domains- wordpress re-routing to old domain

I’ve tried to switch a website from to When I go to, I can see what appears to be a strictly HTML version of the site(no CSS, no php). takes me to Page Not Found with a URL using the old domain. What could be causing the problem? What steps can […]

Disable the “remember me” to wp-admin

I Look long enough to find the solution of my problem. Really, Is there any way to disable the “Remember me” to wp-admin? I want to disable it for safety reasons. Thanks in advance.

Can't access login screen, wp-login.php 404's

When i navigate to /wp-admin/ i am redirected to wp-login.php with the wp-admin URL in the redirect_to parameter. Like this: … goes to … If i just navigate to /wp-login.php/ i get an endless redirect loop. Things i’ve tried: Removing the .htaccess file in the root Renaming the /wp-content/plugins/ folder (to check if […]