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Disable Admin CP authentication (or auto login)

Is there a way to allow anyone into the admin panel, without the need to log in? Or, if need be, is there a way to have WordPress auto-login using a certain set of credentials? This seems like something that should be trivial, but it appears nobody else has found a use case for this […]

WordPress Brute Force Prevention

I am using WordFence security plugin for keeping track of login attempts and I regularly check the logs from it. I realize that there are going to be a lot of login attempts with the username ‘admin‘. Most only try a couple times and leave the site alone. However, I am having one particular attempt […]

Dashboard Widget CSS

I want to add a class name to my custom dashboard widget but I’ve found no way to do this searching the codex. Right now the only class name on my widget is postbox (which is added in ‘/wp-admin/includes/template.php’) but I would like to add more. How can I do this? add_action(‘wp_dashboard_setup’, function () { […]

How do I add a custom button to my “edit” list? ( edit.php?post_type= ) beside “Add New”

I have a custom post type for a plugin I’m creating and the label for the “add an item” type of button (at the top of the list page) needs a partner-button that says “import” and one that says “export” so that I can (after a brief confirmation dialogue) allow my client to push and […]

Media upload default title from file name

I’m on a roll today with the questions. Is this easy? Again, I can’t seem to find the right filter (nor previous question with a suitable answer). So if you download an image say, from GettyImages, it might have some meta title and WP will snack that up for the title field, I do not […]

Detect Featured Image remove while editing post in wp-admin (client-side)

I’m looking to add some client-side (JavaScript) events to the post edit screen of wp-admin (post.php?action=edit). I wish to fire events when the user selects a new featured image and a different event when they remove the featured image. So far I’ve been able to find this answer, which has allowed me to hook […]

How to make sure your admin doesn't hi-jack you site?

I have a domain and I would like to hire someone to develop it. Could it be possible to give him full control, yet be safe that he does not hi-jack the site. Or the only way is for me to be the admin and add him as a user with increased privileges? Is there […]

Custom WP_Query doesn't display all posts

I’m building an options page which allows users to choose three posts and three custom images that display on the site’s front page. I am using the Settings API to create a custom WP_Query which pulls all posts from 4 different CPTs (‘resources’, ‘events’, ‘blog posts’, and ‘publications’), and populates the titles and IDs (hidden) […]

Registering for a domain on WordPress

I have recently started development with wordpress for a project and its wonderful! I am following WordPress Essential training on to help me build a foundation on the subject matter. I have almost completed customizing the website and would now like to register of a domain, but am not sure how to do this. […]

How to add attributes to WordPress Admin Sub Menu List Items

I have been trying to find a way to add a class or an id to my custom administration sub menu. I only see a class on the first menu item. I would either like to add a css class or an ID on my sub menu list items.