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Cannot log in to the admin, no error message

After a WP autoupdate, I cannot log in to the admin. I have not changed my site URL. I have tried renaming my theme so WP uses the default theme. I’ve tried renaming the plugins folder so WP doesn’t load any plugins. I’ve tried a clean install (except for wp-config and wp-content). No luck. When […]

Restrict submitters from wp-admin

This question already has an answer here: after login that will redirect user role into a page 1 answer

How do I link to a php file in my plugin directory?

Basically in the wp-admin section I have a page where I attempt to export some records from a grid. I have an Export link which leads to something like admin.php?page=download&selected_ids=1,2,4. But when I click it I get the following error: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. I think I need to […]

How To Create a Metabox of HTML Content with Instructions For Editors When Editing a Post or Page?

I would like to add a custom Metabox with HTML content in the screens New and Edit Posts/Pages ( /wp-admin/post.php?post=POST_ID&action=edit), so that I could display a list of editorial guidelines for my editors to follow. I don’t want to edit code in many different places to update the instructions. I am looking for something more […]

Can content be recovered in this situation?

I’m just a front end designer working on a website for a client. Yesterday, the client attempted to update the theme. However, it crashed during installation (most likely due to a host server fault) and resulted in the white screen syndrome. Unfortunately the client didn’t have a recent back up. The hosting provider managed to […]

How to replace “Password Protected” text with icon in Admin

In WordPress, whenever a post is password protected the backend admin area appends the text in bold “- Password protected” after the post title. What I am looking for is a way to remove this text and instead have it utilize an icon (link below) which should be appended before the title text. How can […]

How to display site title with post title?

Is it possible to have the site title prepended before each post title, separated by a hyphen? For example: [my site title] – [my post title]

How do you force the wordpress dashboard to be 1 coulmn by default?

How do you force the wordpress dashboard to be 1 coulmn by default? I want to show the dashboard as a single column for all users.

Limit User Iinterface for Admin?

Is there a plugin or a way where I can restrict or limit the buttons on the admin interface for a certain user? For example: for the user who has a role of a writer, he/she can only post content, the other buttons are deactivated. for the designer he/she can only change the “Appearance Tab”, […]

Redirect from the dashboard to edit.php if wp_is_mobile() is true

Looking for a way to redirect the user from the dashboard straight to edit.php if wp_is_mobile() is true. This is what I’ve tried: function redirect_if_mobile() { $screen = get_current_screen(); if($screen->base == ‘dashboard’) { if ( wp_is_mobile() ) { $url = admin_url( ‘edit.php’ ); wp_redirect( $url ); } } } add_action( ‘admin_menu’, ‘redirect_if_mobile’); The problem is […]