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How to add custom submenu links in wp-admin menus?

Is it possible to add custom links as submenu on menu that already exist in wp-admin? Like for example, under appearance section like this:

How to get new post URL?

I’m wondering… how can I get the new post URL in my theme? Is there a built-in function for this? So, it should return something like Connor.

To remove default dashboard items and add quick draft widget for custom post type

i want to remove screen options from wordpress admin panel and remove default dashboard items and add quick draft widget in dashboard for custom post type “gallery”.

Copy posts from one blog to another in multisite environment

I am creating a plugin for post.php page where user can select (one or more) blogs and copy the post content,title,author,categories everything in selected blogs. The copied post would be the child of original post and now the original post would be parent post. I want to know that is there any WP function which […]

Alternatives to DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT wp-config Constant? It Breaks Some Plugins

The Problem I first noticed this with the plugin Quick-Cache, which activates without problem, but doesn’t shows up anywhere. Its menu it’s simply not there. Found why, and became aware of the conflict, in the forums. Problem is that the plugin does all the capability checking using edit_plugins, removed by the constant… Now I found […]

Enqueued Stylesheets Effecting Admin Styles

I’m building a custom theme for a client and I’ve been adding stylesheets incorrectly for a while, so I decided to do it the correct way :-). However, when I add the stylesheet to my functions.php file like so: wp_enqueue_style(‘theme-styles’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/css/all.css’, array(), false , ‘all’); It also is applying to the WordPress Admin […]

FORCE_SSL_ADMIN not working

Any ideas why define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); wouldn’t work? I’m not getting any errors at all, but a http request to isn’t redirecting to https

How to remove bulk edit options

Is it possible to completely disable Bulk Edit functionality? I’m using WordPress 3.1.

Where can I find admin-header.php file online?

I am using WordPress for my website. I was working on CPANEL yesterday and was browsing public-html/wp-admin folder under the File manager. There were many files and I accidentally deleted the admin-header.php file. Where can I get an another copy of that file so that I can upload it to the same folder from where […]

How to change the title url on the edit post screen?

I searched in various places and am battling to find the correct place or terms used for the following. I am only using posts as an example. When you view all posts in wp-admin you get the title of the post and below it the Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and Preview links. By using the […]