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plugin to post from admin to flickr

I’m looking for a plgin which allows the admins to post to flickr directly from the admin panel when posting. I saw this and thought it would work but seems to only ‘get’ images not ‘post’ them and the documentation is a bit patchy & japanese

Can I hook into wp_update_core outside of the admin?

I’m trying to bring some of the admin functionality to a custom front end in WordPress. Questions of security and pragmatism of this aside, is there an available hook to trigger wp_update_core outside of the admin?

Lost administrator privileges and can't find a fix

WordPress 3.5.1 Web Host: Windows Azure Cloud Database Host: Cleardb Web Server: IIS 7.5 I’ve built a custom child theme that runs on the Genesis Framework and it has multiple custom post types and metaboxes. Multiple plugins installed on the site as well. Since yesterday my admin user can no longer perform the following tasks: […]

Combine and Minify wp-admin files, also re-write URI's for CDN

I’m currently using WP-MINIFY to combine and minify my front-end files as I have a large number of plugins, it has helped greatly and I’m looking for a similar solution to help with backend performance issues. Ideally a solution that would combine all backend admin files that are being loaded, especially those that are introduced […]

Moving wp-admin folder to a different host in a multisite environment

Current Multisite setup: First site: Second site: Admin: How to move wp-admin to a different host, which is accessed via a domain say

Custom Admin Pagination links

I am talking about the wordpress admin area where all the posts reside. I would like to ask if there is a way to show not only the first and the last pagination links but also the links in the 1,2,3 …. 6,7 last page.. I am trying to manipulate wp_list_table class with no […]

Hook in to add new post link wp admin?

How can i customize the Add new post link or how can i add my custom parameter in add new post link like http://www.test.localhost/wp-admin/post-new.php looks like http://www.test/wp-admin/post-new.php?lang=fr I have customized the links in menu by global $menu, $submenu; $submenu[‘edit.php’][10][2]=’post-new.php?lang=’.ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE; But what i want to hook all the links(post-new.php?lang=”) where ever it appears in the admin […]

wp-admin won't load after setting wp-login custom url

I changed the wp-login.php url to /login/ so all links in registration and forgot password emails have /login/ rather than wp-login.php. The problem now is that when I visit /wp-admin/ or click on the dashboard once logged in, it starts by going to wp-login.php?redirect_to… and then goes to /login/. How can I fix it to […]

ASCII to Unicode conversion and then save the data into database using WP post editor field

Here is the WordPress default post editor as we know: You may notice, here are some garbage texts in the Title and Description field. They are ASCII texts. PLOT In Bangla, a widespread software named Bijoy was basically developed on ASCII keyboard patching. Now though there are Unicode based solution available, but some people are […]

Bypass nonce value while trashing a post

I want to move a post in trash but the condition is that simultaneously I need to delete some more posts. Sample Code: jQuery(function($) { $(‘#delete-action a’).unbind(); $(‘#delete-action a’).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); openbox(‘Trash Child Posts’, 1); setTimeout( function() { $(‘#save-action .spinner’).hide(); $(‘#publish’).removeClass(‘button-primary-disabled’); }, 1 ); }); }); It pop ups a new popup to delete the […]