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Bypass nonce value while trashing a post

I want to move a post in trash but the condition is that simultaneously I need to delete some more posts. Sample Code: jQuery(function($) { $(‘#delete-action a’).unbind(); $(‘#delete-action a’).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); openbox(‘Trash Child Posts’, 1); setTimeout( function() { $(‘#save-action .spinner’).hide(); $(‘#publish’).removeClass(‘button-primary-disabled’); }, 1 ); }); }); It pop ups a new popup to delete the […]

How to use default WP form elements to interact with custom DB table?

I know about the use of Custom Post Types, but in this case I do need to use a custom database table (FYI: it’s a table that is IP-based shared with another non-WP website). In wp-admin, I’d like to use as many as possible default/built-in WP functions for form elements. For example, I’d like to […]

limit post by a taxonomy in the admin

I have a site with authors from different locations. I have created a taxonomy called locations and has different countries (ex. Canada, Germany). Each author need only to see his country’s post for the admin. For example, the author of Canada only can see and edit the post of Canada. Its is just for the […]

How to get Role Subscribe Users on Admin Menu only in Pages in WordPress

How to get Role Subscribe Users on Admin Menu only in Pages in WordPress and also asign pages to only a specific user and also get the pages on homepage by user ID. Example: here a link, i want to get all users by dropdown select option tag. in Menu Pages -> Add New. […]

Filter pre_get_posts does not modify Mine/All/Pending

Maybe I need to use a different filter, but I am using the pre_get_posts filter to filter out posts on a custom post list view. It works for the main table, but the quicklinks to (All) (Published) (Pending) etc still show the full counts, not the modified query counts. Any thoghts on how to change […]

Simultaneous admin updates causes custom fields to not update

Okay, I have another doozie of a problem and although I’m still in the middle of trying to figure out exactly what’s going on and what kind of help I might need, I thought I’d throw something up here and see if anyone else had seen an issue like this before. My site is currently […]

Cannot access WordPress login pages

I cannot access either wp-admin, or wp-login.php on a wordpress site. I’m not getting a 404, or a redirect, it simply says cannot connect in firefox. I have tried everything relevant on this guide and also this guide, but nothing helps, still the same error.

Why is there an intermediate redirect to

I have the SITE_DOMAIN set as, this has a SSL for *, is the url for the frontpage, this works. There is no certificate for Now, when I access the following happens: Redirect from to Client (browser) issues a certificate warning, there is no certificate for Client must […]

wp-admin url doesn't allow to login and redirects to same page

I am using WordPress 3.6, the latest version. When I access login page for admin URL like and I enter the username and password, WordPress redirects me to the same page. But when I try to access using then it works perfectly. When I try to login using wp-admin, I am redirected to […]

Grouping of CPTs and taxonomies into menu groups in admin

I have a group of custom post types such as “CPT A”, “CPT B” and “CPT C”. I display the admin page for each of these as subpages under a common Admin page. add_menu_page(‘Console’, ‘Console’, ‘plugin_console’, ‘plugin’, array ( $this, ‘page_main’ ), “”, 6 ); There are also custom taxonomies for the CPTs, and some […]