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Limit Words in Category / Term Description – Admin Panel

I’m working with a Taxonomy where the Terms have lengthy descriptions. It makes the Admin Panel look really ugly when WordPress tries to display these descriptions for 10 categories. I’m trying to figure out a way to limit the number of words or characters displayed in the Category / Term Description Column but I cannot […]

WP AJAX is not working, always returns 0

I’ve checked any threads here regarding this and did a debug test which worked, I’d like to understand why my own code doesn’t work as it presents the same functionality explained in every possible thread created about this issue. I’m trying to send AJAX request when clicking on a checkbox and do some work with […]

Hide certain pages / posts on wp-admin, show custom filter

I’m integrating a separate ecommerce CMS into a wordpress theme, using page templates for some pages such as the basket, search and checkout pages. This is working out pretty well so far. However, there are a couple of dynamic pages that I’d normally make a single-posttype.php template for, but can’t as in this case I […]

a plugin to share a post to social networks via admin?

I’m not looking for a share this post button for the front end. I’ve seen a couple of similar topics here but not exactly what I’m after. What I would like is a plugin which offers the options in the admin panel to post a link my post to a facebook page, tweets it, perhaps […]

Can I individually style items in the backend widget list?

UPDATE Refrased the question On the backend widget page widgets.php, there is a list of available widgets. Items in this list have the same classes and a dynamically generated ID, which changes if a new widget is inserted (alphabetically) into the list. So, there is no reliable way to direct css at individual items in […]

Is it possible to add an item the Post Publish panel?

In the Admin area when you edit a post, I’d like to add a custom item to the Publish panel in the top right corner. Is it possible to access this through the WordPress API? If so, what functions do I need to look at? Any examples would be much appreciated.

Add confirmation popup on “Move to Trash”

I want to open javascript message “Are you sure you want to move the post to trash?”when we clicks on “Move to Trash” link in Publish box. and when we click to OK the post go to trash or cancel to go back to the post. I found this code on previous question. It’s open […]

Change default Posts page

In my Admin Panel, I am constantly checking my Posts by state and visitor count via the All Posts link on the lefthand menu bar. My desired URL looks like: wp-admin/edit.php?post_status=publish&post_type=post&orderby=post_views&order=desc But the default for this link is just wp-admin/edit.php How can I make it so that the default link for my Posts is like […]

Can't edit style.css in subdirectory of my theme?

I want to edit a file style.css but the theme editor shows this: /* ———- Reset Tags ———– */ @import url(“css/reset.css”); /* ———- Reset Tags ———– */ @import url(“css/prettyPhoto.css”); /* ———- Shortcodes ———– */ @import url(“css/shortcodes.css”); /* ———- Site Styles ———- */ @import url(“css/style.css”); Is there any way to edit css/style.css via the Theme Editor?

Why is the Links Manager visible?

The admin panel of my WordPress (4.7.2) installation on my hosting (godaddy) has “Links” section enabled. I set it up a few seconds ago with storefront theme. Then removed storefront and activated starter theme _S (underscores). Even though I did not use following code, the links section is visible. Why is that? add_filter( ‘pre_option_link_manager_enabled’, ‘__return_true’ […]