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inserting a post from an extern php file but post content doesn't show on wp site

I’m doing a php file that insert post’s on my wordpress site. I’m filling all the fields in wp_posts, but the content doesn’t shows on my wordpress site. I wonder if it’s because the categories are empty, and googling I’ve found that categories are beeing stored in wp_term_taxonomy. But looking at that table, I don’t […]

How do I host WordPress on a hidden domain through a reverse proxy?

I have a reverse proxy for pointing to WordPress on another domain. I want to edit and administer it via the other domain, but I don’t want the contents to be publicly available, so there is no duplicate content penalties from Google. How can I set this up? I was thinking of adding Add […]

Custom WordPress Dashboard for Specific user role

I want to customize dashboard or 1st page when user login into admin panel. This will be for Author/editor where he/she will only see some tabs/button of the pages and posts, by click them he/she can land on the page/post edit page. ; I am pretty sure that “index.php” file will be edit under “wp-admin” […]

Create tabs in admin options page from custom post type loop

For a WordPress crm/password management plugin I am working on, I have created a custom post type called ‘client’. I also have made a separate menu page for storing and showing the passwords of these clients (like an options page, just not used for managing options). What I would like to do is make a […]

How to create a form and display its content as table in admin panel?

I am new to WordPress CMS and have been into a problem and don’t know how to go about it. The problem is I want to create a form with first name, last name, phone number and a submit button. On submitting, the data gets stored in a database and at the same time the […]

How to remove menu installed in wp-admin by a theme?

I installed Placester theme.And then disabled it, and deleted it. But there is still a menu there. How can I remove it? The only installed plugins are: Akismet Contact Form 7 Google Analytics by Yoast Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft Google XML Sitemaps Hello Dolly Jetpack by Multipart robots.txt editor […]

Iframe being removed only for some users when publishing a page

I have multi site wordpress installation. Recently I had a user complaining about not being able to add frames to a page. When I did it it just worked. This user is administrator on this page. Is there a setting or some embedded rule that only allows the multi site administrator to add this kind […]

How to load an assets based on custom field value?

How can I load an asset based on custom field value? – This would be outside of the loop, all I can find for this is in the loop related functions, which I’m not familiar with, or what I find are articles related to the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. I would like something like this… […]

Get First Child Page ID or Permalink in WordPress Admin

I have a navigation set where the content doesn’t exist on the parent page, but rather on a page called Overview which is the first child of the parent. eg: About is the first level page, but when you click on About in the main navigation it redirects you to the first child page. In […]

Editors change a permalink on an unpublished post, but only admins change a permalink on a post that has ever been published?

Is it possible to have the Editors to change a permalink on an unpublished post, but only admins change a permalink on a post that has ever been published? I can hide the button for non admin but I am bit stuck here and I am not sure if this is possible, any help would […]