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How do I let logged out users see the dashboard?

I’m creating a dashboard app and decided to use WordPress since it has a dashboard that has 100% of the functionality I need out of the box. The dashboard itself has a few dashboard widgets users can customize. What I need is to grant logged out users access the dashboard. I plan on storing their […]

Using ReactJS in the WordPress admin for plugin development

I have some WordPress plugin projects planned which would benefit greatly from using ReactJS in the WordPress admin. I’m pretty sure I can get ReactJS working in the admin but the sticking point is how I would go about setting initial state (on initial page load), and saving state when you want to save progress […]

Programmatically create page when saving custom post type post

I want to create page when saving new post on my CPT and i want it to be created only when first saving (by pressing Publish button) that post, not when i click Add new (it then saves the post first time, sets it’s status as auto-draft and gets the ID for your so called […]

Color picker for posts and pages

I want to add color picker to wordpress posts and pages at admin menu. I have this code for color picker: add_action( ‘admin_enqueue_scripts’, ‘add_color_picker’ ); function add_color_picker( $hook ) { if( is_admin() ) { // Add the color picker css file wp_enqueue_style( ‘wp-color-picker’ ); // Include our custom jQuery file with WordPress Color Picker dependency […]

Add 'Last Modified' and Attachments (Yes/No) to WordPress Users Column

I was wondering if someone can put me on the right path in regards to adding additional columns that show the last modified date and if a user profile has attachments. Ideally I’d also like to be able to sort these columns. I’m assuming this is possible, but I’m not quite sure where to start. […]

In editor-style.css how can I change background color of title field?

When editing a page or post, I would like the title field to have a different background color from white. I have tried the following but it doesn’t seem to work: #titlediv #title { background-color: #ffffcc; } I know my editor-style.css is working, as I have changed the background color of the main content editor […]

wp-admin folder removed by hacker

My website got hacked recently & i can’t login into the admin panel, the hacker removed wp-admin folder in root. Now when i try to login, i get too many redirect errors.

Users Unable to Access Dashboard/Posts/Pages

I’m trying to set user roles in order for my users to access the wp-admin Dashboard section and post. I was able to create roles and give multiple users Shop Manager/ Editor roles. But when they login to the website they are able to see the top part of the Admin Area. But when they […]

Lost draft under all posts and drafts

I’m trying to delete drafts that I’ve never created. I suppose they are auto drafts. Searched and searched but maybe because it’s a super easy fix that no one asks, but can’t figure out how to delete them. Under posts menu, there are (2) drafts, yet when I go to click all posts/drafts, there are […]

An update has caused my client's site to be non-existent after new update of WordPress

I revised and backed up my client’s site yesterday without any issues. As soon as I clicked the update WordPress button the new install started then a few seconds later the following popped up on a new browser : Updated around 12am Sunday 21817. Site went into immediate http 500 error. I tried to log […]