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How to display multiple custom columns in the wp-admin users.php?

I’m using the manage_users_columns to display a custom field I create in the usermeta database called company. My code is as follows: function mysite_column_company( $defaults ) { $defaults[‘mysite-usercolumn-company’] = __(‘Company’, ‘user-column’); return $defaults; } function mysite_custom_column_company($value, $column_name, $id) { if( $column_name == ‘mysite-usercolumn-company’ ) { return get_usermeta($id, ‘company’); } } add_action(‘manage_users_custom_column’, ‘mysite_custom_column_company’, 15, 3); add_filter(‘manage_users_columns’, […]

WordPress disable 'Install Themes' tab

Can someone help me disable the Install Themes link from the WordPress back-end?

Creating a theme options page

I’m currently using Ian Stewart’s A Sample WordPress Theme Options Page trying to create an inputfield and two textareas. Probably overlooking something somewhere I seem to be having some difficulties adding the second textarea. Does someone know what I’m doing wrong perhaps? Here’s the code I’m currently using: <?php add_action(‘admin_init’, ‘theme_options_init’); add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘theme_options_add_page’); /** * […]

Moving wp-admin to a different to a subdomain

I am trying to move just the wp-admin side of things to a different server, in order to not have admin traffic impact end-user activity. Any best practices for handling this. I’ve actually done this already, I just want to see if someone has a better way to do this.

Remove rows in the manage post/page view

I’m looking for a way to remove the rows with the title, date and other stuff that’s shown on the manage posts/pages screen (highlighted with red in the image below). I know that I could easily hide it with css, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to do it without css and hacking core files.

I keep getting logged out in Firefox

For some reason, tonight when I have gone to work on my WordPress installation I firstly found myself logged out, even though there was a few cookies left in Firefox relating to the website and when I looked on the Simple:Press forum it had remembered my user name but knew I wasn’t logged in. Nevertheless, […]

maintaing consistent layout wordpress dashboard

I am developing a functionality in WordPress so that once user updated any information admin can approve/reject the information only after which it should get published in the front users,in specific terms functionality is much similar to e,g Comment approval. i am new to PHP as well Word press, though i have developed the functionality […]

Not Found (404) error on admin page, CSS gone on blog

I manually installed wordpress on my server and the wordpress files are located in “”, however I wanted my “” to be the address for my wordpress blog instead of “” so I went to the “Settings->General” screen in my dashboard and changed the “Home” url to “” and the “Site” url to “” thinking […]

special characters after saving draft interpreted as �

I am trying to create posts in hindi language. These characters UÉeÉMÑüqÉÉU after saving/publishing are interpreted as U�e�M��q��U. Though, the special characters are stored with no change in the mysql database. The � symbol is only during retrieving. I’m stuck here. The post editor is modified to intake multiple posts. I tried commenting these […]

Any problem in using native jquery ajax style instead of using admin-ajax.php?

I had problem using admin-ajax.php while creating one plugin. I had problem using “add_action( ‘wp_ajax_ajax_action’, ‘ajax_action_stuff’ )” in my plugin where i have used oop module. So I want to go with jquery native way like below : $.ajax({ url: “test.html”, context: document.body, success: function(){ $(this).addClass(“done”); } }); WordPress recommend to use admin-ajax.php for handeling […]