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Modal window from within WordPress admin

How can get a modal window to work from within the wordpress admin? I want to create a modal window that will work from a meta box within the wp-admin. Any ideas?

How can we make managing lots of pages in WordPress Admin better?

WordPress obviously comes from a blogging background but can be used to serve sites with a lot of Pages. However, where it falls short for me is not in regard to performance but in the Admin area’s handling of lots of Pages, child pages etc. It quickly becomes a chore to move through the list […]

Admin ajax request return 0 with die()

So i’m using this configuration for an AJAX call in the administrative area (like this): add_action( ‘admin_head’, ‘ajaxPerNgg’ ); function ajaxPerNgg(){ ?> <script type=”text/javascript” > jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(“#message”).remove(); jQuery(“#errore a#attivo”).click( function(){ var data = { action: ‘my_action’ };, data, function(response) { if(response == “attivato”) jQuery(“#errore a#inattivo”).attr(“id”,”completato”).html(“Attivato”); else jQuery(“#errore a#inattivo”).attr(“id”,”attivo”).html(“Attivalo ora”); }); } ); }); […]

Toggle admin metabox based upon chosen page template

I’d like to have a custom field interface show up only when a certain template is assigned to a particular WordPress page. Any ideas?

Plugin API for easy admin list table generation, handling & exporting of MySQL tables?

I’m aware of the WP_List_Table class (which has helped tremendously as it stands). However, I’m hunting for something even more capable – some form of API whereby you could simply ‘register’ a MySQL table, pass field_name => label translations, and all the hard graft (menu links, table-generation, pagination, column sorting) & possibly data exporting (CSV […]

Changing the 'wp-admin' URL to whatever I want

Is there a plugin that allows me to change the url of to ? Curious if there is an easy solution to this by now.

changing wp-admin/widgets.php

We want to design the widgets page in the admin panel a little differently, mainly in order to help the site administrator understand where each widget will appear in the site: For that, we need to change the HTML that widgets.php renders (simply changing the css isn’t enough). How would we go about doing that […]

How do I improve this admin query snippet to avoid generating duplicate results on non-meta searches?

I’ve been playing around with code snippets which add meta data to admin searches. The best snippet I’ve found was written by Stefano on this question. However, it appears to have 1, annoying bug when searching non-meta terms. Here are some grabs from my local dev install. I’ve printed the 2 MySQL queries onto the […]

How to disable the “Post Lock/Edit Lock”?

I want to disable this just for one Post Type, as it doesn’t really matters if there’s another user editing it (the main content editing area is Ajaxified and non-admins can only see that). I looked at the core functions but couldn’t find an entry point. From the function wp_set_post_lock I’m guessing that I’d have […]

How to use “menu_order” field for posts?

I have a special case where I’d like to order posts in a custom order and it would be great to use the “menu_order” field that is normally only used for pages. What would be the best way to expose that in the WordPress admin UI?