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jQuery UI inside widget on admin page

I have created a widget that has quite a few settings, and so I am trying to create a tabbed menu (using jQuery UI) inside the widget settings of the admin page. The problem is basically that tabs don’t happen (i.e. the a tags just appear on the top and the related divs underneath them). […]

WP Multisite with Domain Mapping : Preventing User Access to Dashboard

I have a theme being used by a sub-folder multisite and a domain-mapped multi site. E.g. (leads to the above) I have this snippet of code in my functions.php file function my_wp_admin_ban(){ if( !current_user_can(‘activate_plugins’) ){ wp_redirect( get_bloginfo(‘url’) ); exit; } } add_action(‘admin_init’,’my_wp_admin_ban’); This successfully prevents members of site1 from access the admin […]

Adding Custom Capabilites

So, I’m not sure if this is possible, but is it possible to add custom Capabilities? So, I’ve written a group message application, that ties in with WordPress. I only want certain members (set via options that I just asked about) to be able to send out such messages. I’d like to add a capability […]

Render content after post title in wp-admin

I want a plugin to place custom content below the post title, and to the right of the permalink. However, I cannot find a specific action reference to hook into. The screenshot demonstrates the location idea. How this would be done in pre-3.5 WordPress ? Is there a specific action reference?

All Users > User List > Update User Meta Field Inline

I am asking user few questions at the time of registration with checkboxes like In Registration form [] I am blah blah [] I am blan blah [] I am blah blah Now user will come for approval in admin panel, in pending state. I want to add above (Checkbox) in the listing user table. […]

Disable inline_edit() on edit.php

In the class WP_Posts_List_Table there is a function named inline_edit() and it is responsible for rendering the entire quick edit table that is used (but initially hidden) on wp-admin/edit.php. I want to prevent that table from being rendered because the site I’m working on has thousands of category terms and they all get added to […]

Edit default comments page in WP Admin

I need to make major changes on the way the comments are rendered in backend, from the following file: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-comments-list-table.php I know editing the WP Core files directly is a bad idea… Is there a way to create an edited version of this file with custom plugin and let wordpress use the file inside the […]

Sortable columns and admin like interface for tables/report in custom plugin?

We have wordpress admin interface for “all posts” list. Sortable column methods are available for “custom post type”. But can we not implement this type of wp-admin like interface with sortable columns in any reporting/table in our any custom plugin that show a tabular report or listings fetched from database?

Backend search; include CPT meta?

I’ve currently got a CPT with 2 part titles; I’ve got everything working perfectly on the frontend. But when it comes to searching for a post, the post you’re searching for doesn’t always show up because part of the title is in the meta for that post. Is there any way that I can include […]

Dashboard Widgets – Add Admin Page With Same Functionality

I have a plugin that has its own dashboard with basically quick-views of relevant data and I wanted to know if there was an “easy” way to mimic the functionality of the admin dashboard where you can move/minimize/maximize the widgets? UPDATE: I am assuming I would have to add metaboxes similar to when you add […]