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How do I add an admin notice within javascript in the admin interface for posts?

I want to use javascript to add a notice to the top of the wordpress page just like they do when auto-saving the page. But in looking at the DOM, I don’t see any special div that I could find to add my notice to: THIS IS THE DIV WHERE WORDPRESS’s NOTICES ARE <div class=”wrap”> […]

Admin Pointers on a custom post type

Is it possible to leverage the Admin Pointers code (core, non published API) to create pointers on a custom post type? I was trying to use a plugin called Easy Admin Pointers, but it does not support pointers on a custom post type and I can’t find any examples on the web that will work […]

Admin Taxonomy Terms – Orderby Term Field

I have a custom value which is being stored as term_group but in the admin panel I would like to order them by that term group. I’m able to sorta do this through this function, but there’s a problem: function change_term_order( $args, $taxonomies ) { if ( is_admin() && ‘tax_products’ !== $taxonomies[0] ) return $args; […]

Add custom list menu on Posts page in admin panel

How can i add custom_list as shown in attached screen-shot. I want to list posts having some meta_value . Is there any way of adding this. I am not looking to edit the core files. Please guide me in right way.

Remove “Get Shortlink” button in admin of custom post type

I want to remove completely this section under my title in my custom post type. (I don’t need this because I use this only for content management). With this piece of code I can remove the permalink section: add_filter(‘get_sample_permalink_html’, ‘myfunction’, ”,4); function myfunction($return, $id, $new_title, $new_slug) { global $post; return ($post->post_type == ‘mycustomposttype’) ? ” […]

Super slow admin panel

My admin panel in wordpress is super slow. I disabled all the plugins, I changed the theme to “Twenty Eleven” and I updated WordPress. Still, the admin panel is very slow. I have 2008 posts and 6 pages. My front end though is not slow, even though I disabled cache. Does anybody have an idea […]

How make a custom search on backend in WordPress without plugin?

I have a post type called usr_jardin with a custom field called sim_nuip. I would like to get the search to work for the title of the post and also by custom field . I try this but does not work me. function searchfilter($query) { $custom_fields = array(“_post_title”, “nuip”); $searchterm = $query->query_vars[‘s’]; $query->query_vars[‘s’]=””; if($searchterm != […]

How to access global $wp_meta_boxes variable on front-end?

Is there a way to take the global $wp_meta_boxes variable to be used in the front-end? Currently the $wp_meta_boxes is accessible on specific admin pages only. I’ve found a similar question about this. Its solution is to get the data via the do_meta_boxes hook, but I would like to access the variable without JS/AJAX, and […]

How To Differentiate Drafted product and Publish Product through Color?

I want to set a different color border for product drafts and published products in my WordPress backend page. If there is a drafted product in my WordPress product listing page then it should have a red background color and if there is a published product available then it should have a green background color.

How to set admin login page as home page

How can I set the backend admin login page as the homepage of my wordpress application? When the user types in, I really want to let me go to art.con/wp-admin. Is this done on worse press or the server configurations?