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WordPress shows my picture in admin bar

I have installed wordpress on my dev but during installation, I did not upload any picture for my profile but on admin bar, it is showing my picture. How I can remove it?

Custom rewrite rule for backend/admin?

I would like to create a custom rewrite rule that will take the URL: http://domain/submit-project/add but display http://domain/wp/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=project Is there any way to do this? I am trying to add the rewrite rule so in my theme’s functions.php add_action( ‘init’, ‘add_custom_rules’ ); function add_custom_rules() { add_rewrite_rule( “^submit-project/add”, “/wp/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=project”, “top”); } I’ve tried flushing the rules, […]

How to get the password and username of the add new user form (admin back end) in wordpress

I am trying to get the username and password that entered by the wordpress admin in the add new user screen to use those into creating a webmail account using cpanel api. How to do that? is there is any hook for it? Also, When the user id changing his password, I want to get […]

Select box saves but doesn't update value in admin

I have a select dropdown in my custom meta box in the admin area. It offers two options Approved and In Progress. When I select an option and save it the database is updated, but the value in the admin area is not. What I see is the first item from the list displayed in […]

wp-login.php — redirect logged in users to custom URL

When a user login, we can easily change the redirect URL (see this, this, or this), but if the user goes to /wp-login.php, they will be redirected to the dashboard if they are already logged in. My question is, when the user visits /wp-login.php and is already logged in, how can I redirect them to […]

Change top level menu item to point to custom submenu item

I’m using a plugin called CMS Page Order (Now referred to as CPO) It’s pretty simple, the said plugin adds a new item to the submenu of every custom post type. The menu item leads to a page where you can reorder the posts of the certain post type. I’ve added so that you […]

Disable /wp-admin/plugin-install.php

How can I disable plugin upload and installation via WordPress Admin? Should still be able to activate/deactivate plugins in admin.

Conditionally load CSS/JS/PHP in wp-admin if using a mobile device

I’m looking for a way to conditionally load different scripts if the user is accessing the admin area from a mobile device. In my case I’m looking to restrict the user to just be able to make new posts, so if you log in to the admin area from a mobile device you’re redirected to […]

Require a Custom Taxonomy to be checked

I have a custom taxonomy, “position”, with multiple terms for a custom post type, “employee” in the admin. I want to validate the form to require a position to be selected when you save/update a post. How do I validate and make the position custom taxonomy a required field in the wordpress admin? Also, I’d […]

Weird problems after recovery from security breach

The shared server that I used for hosting my WordPress website was hacked recently, and many of the index.php files, plugin files and uploads were deleted, with my MySQL databases untouched. But after having restored all of it from my local backups, I’m having some weird problems. My homepage does not fully load – […]