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How to display terms and conditions in post area?

I’m running a multisite. I would like to display “Terms and conditions” when user trying to create a new post. Users should Click “I agree” link and then proceed to create a new post(wp-admin/post-new.php). Is there any good plugin available for this? Or can anyone give me some snippets? Looking forward to it. Thanks

Add menu page issues (permissions & position)

OK, I have an issue with Sidebar Generator Plugin. This plugin creates subpage called “Sidebars” in WP-Admin. The point is, it is created as a child of “Appearance” page. And I don’t want it here, I want “Sidebars” to be a subpage of my own Page named “my-page”. I have found this line in the […]

How do you modify CSS files via admin panel?

All theme styles are in style.css file. Let’s say first line looks like: body { background-color: #fff; } Now, I’ve created an option in admin panel named body_bg. User types #000 there and I want the value in style.css to change. How do I achieve that? The easiest way to me looks like I have […]

Display Plugin Panels Outside of Admin Areas

I’m trying to find a way to display the work area content of different plugins on pages/posts/areas aside from the admin backend. For example, how would I display the options panel for a certain plugin in a page instead of it’s default location? If the plugin also has an output view, like Google Analytics dashboard, […]

How to hide wordpress default description box?

I’m using custom fields in my wordpress default post area. So i don’t want wordpress default description box. I mean i dont want this field. Instead of description box i want excerpt box there. Please help me. Thanks

Browse Happy in 3.2

The Browse Happy interruption would only appear to logged-in admin users, correct? It won’t show up on my public facing site? I can’t really fire up IE6 very easily to find out.

Customising Word press Admin – Add Post Page functionality to another similar page

We are Customising WordPress Admin to build a biz application. WE are using WordPress as a base to build our application. We used the Add Post page as Add Customer – customised some fields and we posted it to the db using wp_post . Now we want to add two more menu’s like Add Vendor, […]

How can I modify page <h2> content in the admin panel?

I’m modifying the layout and content of the wordpress admin panel using a custom plugin. For most sections I have been able to change the page heading (i.e. the title wrapped in h2 tags at the top of each page), however I’ve been unable to do so for sections to relating post types, specifically adding […]

Adding and removing columns from the admin pages panel

I would like to remove “Comments” and “Author” columns from the list of pages, and add a couple of my own “Permalink” etc. Is this possible? Is there an appropriate hook I could use?

Admin top level menu, pointing to an external url

I want to create a entirely new top level menu in the admin menu section, and have that be an external link, is this even possible with the current system? The solution that t31os provides in this thread works if you put the link as a submenu under, for example, the dashboard. But this is […]