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Customising Word press Admin – Add Post Page functionality to another similar page

We are Customising WordPress Admin to build a biz application. WE are using WordPress as a base to build our application. We used the Add Post page as Add Customer – customised some fields and we posted it to the db using wp_post . Now we want to add two more menu’s like Add Vendor, […]

How can I modify page <h2> content in the admin panel?

I’m modifying the layout and content of the wordpress admin panel using a custom plugin. For most sections I have been able to change the page heading (i.e. the title wrapped in h2 tags at the top of each page), however I’ve been unable to do so for sections to relating post types, specifically adding […]

Adding and removing columns from the admin pages panel

I would like to remove “Comments” and “Author” columns from the list of pages, and add a couple of my own “Permalink” etc. Is this possible? Is there an appropriate hook I could use?

Admin top level menu, pointing to an external url

I want to create a entirely new top level menu in the admin menu section, and have that be an external link, is this even possible with the current system? The solution that t31os provides in this thread works if you put the link as a submenu under, for example, the dashboard. But this is […]

Which file do I need to edit the All Posts page in the admin area?

I’ve never edited admin files before, but I need to edit the table used to list my posts in the admin area (on the All Posts page). Can someone please point me to the right file to edit? I’ve looked in the wp-admin directory but I haven’t found a file with this table in it, […]

can't access backend while frontend works perfect

Before 2 days there was a automatic update for wordpress, which I for my website. When the update was over, I tried to access backend but I always get this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_is_mobile() in /home/*******/public_html/wp-login.php on line 67 Can you give me any idea what to do, how to fix […]

How to disable categories/most used in 'add new post'?

How to disable categories/most used in ‘add new post’? I tried function: remove_meta_box(), but it doesn’t work for me, i tried it in functions.php for my theme, it’s mistake?

retain querystring values when savincustom options in admin

Quick question, I have a custom options page which posts to options.php, however I have a few sections to my options page where i change the post url like so: <form action=’options.php?section=sectionname’ ..> when the options page reloads I need to check which section was just saved i.e. get the sectionname from the querystring, however […]

Without using wordpress cms Is it possible to signup from my html page

Is there any method to signup to wordpress site from my html page. So that the registered user details must fairly added to database table. I mean the action must be similar to the process how we generally signup to wordpress cms. Thank you.

How to Custom Edit Post Title & Permalink Slug?

I’m trying to build some functionality where if you’re logged into an admin account you’ll see a small ‘edit’ link next to each post title. clicking will use jquery to create 2 form inputs – 1 with the current post title and the other containing the current slug. I’d ideally like to then allow admins […]