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What's the difference between wp_insert_user() and wp_create_user()

I know the former allows additional parameters, so you can more user info, but other then that, why do both exist? The specific reason I want to know is that wp_insert_user() is happening REALLY slowly. Somewhere between 5 – 10 seconds. I don’t remember having this problem in the past, when I was using create_user, […]

Generating User(s) with Settings API

I am trying to create a plugin that will generate users. I am pretty new to WordPress and my PHP is ehhhh. The idea for it is for the plugin to generate multiple users when its finished. Right now though I am just trying to get it to generate one. But I am having issues […]

wp_create_user hook

I’m using UserUltra Pro plugin and I need to create a custom post type after user register in the site. UserUltra plugin uses wp_create_user() which I know is a wrapper for wp_insert_user(). Moreover, I know that ‘user_register’ is the hook called after wp_insert_user(). Beside this, I can’t create new custom post type because it seems […]

Send automatic email to user after wp_create_user

So, here is some code I came up with — It works, but now I need it to send the username and password it generated to that email address automatically ?? Also the first and last name isn’t recording ?? Thanks!! require(‘wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’); $user_email = trim(isset($_POST[‘payer_email’]) ? $_POST[‘payer_email’] : “”); $user_name = trim(isset($_POST[‘first_name’]) ? $_POST[‘first_name’] : […]