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Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_new_user()

Have a wordpress theme with custom registration. Registration works on the registration page. If I take the form and place it on another page , eg. Homepage.. it gives me this error. Here is the code for my form // Form <div class=”container”> <?php if(edd_get_errors()){?> <div class=”error flash”> <p><?php __( ‘Please review the following issues […]

Prevent wp_insert_user from creating duplicate users

I have a custom plugin that automatically creates a new user via wp_insert_user() if the current user does not exist yet. We use data from our remote ldap server to provide the new user’s details (user_login, user_email, etc.) for the wp_insert_user() function call. This works without a hitch on most of our sites, but on […]

wp_insert_user – how to send verification email before logging in

Using below code, I am able to create an user. But when I am login, the user is directly logging in to dashboard and there is no email sent to verify the email address. Is there any way to send verification email once the wp_insert_user function is called and the user has to confirm his […]

Data sanitization for user registration and user login

What kinds of data sanitization I have to do if I make a front end login and registration system for wordpress users? For login function wp_signon() should I escape the data for possible sql injection or wordpress will automatically do it for me? For registration I have found two function so far wp_insert_user() and wp_create_user() […]

wp_create_user not properly entering password

I’m trying to create a new user after someone fills out a form. I’m using wp_create_user to do so. A user is being created properly, but, for whatever reason, no password is being submitted to the users table. It’s simply a blank value. First of all, I should note that, unfortunately, for this project I’m […]

Best way to create a user programatically

I want to create a user via a standalone script. I want an activation email to be sent out, in the same way that it is when a user is created from the Add User screen. An email is set out with a link to create the password. There is no password in the email. […]

Do I need to flush rewrite rules when creating new user if using custom author rewrite rules?

I am using custom urls for my author pages like this: After I create a new user, that author page appears as not found; however, if I update my permalink structure from admin panel, the author page is found. So, is it necessary to flush rewrite rules after a new user is created? Is […]

What's the difference between wp_insert_user() and wp_create_user()

I know the former allows additional parameters, so you can more user info, but other then that, why do both exist? The specific reason I want to know is that wp_insert_user() is happening REALLY slowly. Somewhere between 5 – 10 seconds. I don’t remember having this problem in the past, when I was using create_user, […]

Generating User(s) with Settings API

I am trying to create a plugin that will generate users. I am pretty new to WordPress and my PHP is ehhhh. The idea for it is for the plugin to generate multiple users when its finished. Right now though I am just trying to get it to generate one. But I am having issues […]

wp_create_user hook

I’m using UserUltra Pro plugin and I need to create a custom post type after user register in the site. UserUltra plugin uses wp_create_user() which I know is a wrapper for wp_insert_user(). Moreover, I know that ‘user_register’ is the hook called after wp_insert_user(). Beside this, I can’t create new custom post type because it seems […]