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Insert pagination links – wp_link_pages() – before filters on posts

I’m trying to add pagination support for some longer posts on my site. I’ve added the wp_link_pages() function to my single.php file, after the_content, but this causes the pagination links to display under some end-of-post plugins I have (YARPP and Better Author Bio, if that matters). I’d like the pagination links to appear at the […]

How to ignore wp_link_pages function?

I’ve bought a wordpress theme. I want to ignore all wp_link_pages functions from theme files. I will write my custom codes. Is there any way to do it with functions.php

Make Current/Active Page Number a Link (WP_LINK_PAGES)

With the default wp_link_pages the current/active page number is not a link. I would like to find a code/hack which turns the current/active page into a link to the top of the page. I am already using a custom code for wp_link_pages which can be found below: <?php wp_link_pages(array( ‘before’ => ‘<p class=”pagelinks”>’ . __(”), […]

Make wp_link_pages() suitable for Twitter Bootstrap markup

Below there’s the WordPress code found in post-template.php for the wp_link_pages() function – this function generates a page navigation for posts or pages having the content split into multiple pages. function wp_link_pages($args = ”) { $defaults = array( ‘before’ => ‘<p>’ . __(‘Pages:’), ‘after’ => ‘</p>’, ‘link_before’ => ”, ‘link_after’ => ”, ‘next_or_number’ => ‘number’, […]

How to customize wp_link_pages()?

Does anyone know how to customize wp_link_pages() so that <!–nextpage–> will show like “<< previous” and “next >>” links instead of “Pages: 1 2 3 “? Note:- i used “<!–nextpage–>” in my WordPress tinymce editor for pagebreaks between long pages.

Post Pagination Modifications (wp_link_pages)

I’m looking to modify how WordPress is showing the pages of my posts. What I currently have is a previous and next page link at the bottom of the post with the following code: <?php wp_link_pages( array( ‘before’ => ‘<div class=”page-link-next-prev”>’, ‘after’ => ‘</div>’, ‘next_or_number’ => ‘next’, ‘previouspagelink’ => __(‘Previous’), ‘nextpagelink’=> __(‘Next’) ) );?> Which […]

PHP code to use on next & previouspage links

I’m having an issue with wp_link_pages tag. I want to list the number of pages of each post with ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links that are two image arrows. To better understand the problem I’m having, please see this URL: At the top of the body you’ll see a list of pages of that post. […]

Limiting number of visible links displayed with wp_link_pages

I need to extend the wp_link_page function to only show a max of 5 links at a time. What is the best approach to limit the number of links? In the end i’d like it to look like this: Previous 1 2 3 4 5 … Next I’ve already used this solution to generate the […]

Adding range to wp_link_pages()

I have some very long posts, some have more than 50 pages (<!–nextpage–>) and when using wp_link_pages, it give me 50 internal post links, clearly this isn’t usable. How can I add a range to the wp_link_pages function? The output should look like this: …4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8… UPDATE 10/1/2012: […]

Adding wp_link_pages to a theme that seems to lack?

I’m using wp-bootstrap as basis to build out a custom site. The wp_link_pages function doesn’t seem to work and I’m thinking maybe it’s just missing from the theme. I’ve got a code in a page and the template it’s using has in it but it’s not working. I’m thinking maybe this functionality was stripped out […]