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Creating a category page by alphabet

i’m new to wordpress, and i don’t know how to code. I would like to make a page where all my animes are sorted by alphabet, like in this image I’ve heard about the wp_list_category function, so i made a separate category for each anime. Now the problem is, i dont know how to use […]

How to change number of items on add new pluggins page from backend?

When adding new plugins, the list is too short, and I have to click on next, next , next… Is there a way to change the number of items to be displayed to something like 100 or 500?

How do I reset this wp_list_categories query?

How do I reset a query that generates a list of categories with wp_list_categories? The query below builds a two column list of categories that is then displayed with the second code chunk. I’m using two of these queries (with different category include strings) in a jQuery tab to display different lists of categories. Problem […]

wp_list_categories pagination

I was wondering if I can paginate wp_list_categories? I had a go with paginate_links but no luck. Or is there a good workaround? Thank you!! <?php $orderby = ‘name’; $show_count = 0; $pad_counts = 0; $hierarchical = 1; $taxonomy = ‘categories’; $title = ”; $exclude = ’16’; $args = array( ‘orderby’ => $orderby, ‘show_count’ => […]

Add Class While on Current Post; wp_list_categories

The code below produces a sub-menu of child categories of the currently active parent category. This code also produces the child categories of the top parent category while viewing child categories and posts in those categories. The .current-cat CSS class is applied to the active child categories. This is the most nimble code I have […]

Using separator with wp_list_categories

How can I use separator with wp_list_categories using inline list? In documentation they say (string) Separator between links. Default ‘<br />’. Well I guess that means I could use HTML right? I was thinking about using &middot; to connect items like I have in image but nothing happens. wp_list_categories(array( ‘title_li’ => ”, ‘child_of’ => get_cat_ID(‘mycatname’), […]

How do I remove the <br> tags from wp_list_categories?

If I pass in ‘style’ => ‘none’ as an argument to wp_list_categories, the <li> tags are removed. That’s great, but <br> tags are injected. How can I remove them?

get_the_category_list() does not give me all my categories

I am trying to use <?php echo get_the_category_list(); ?> in my footer.php file to display my categories. On the home page, this function is showing only two categories and in inner single posts it shows that post’s related category. In pages, this tag shows nothing. I have even tried to use <?php wp_reset_query(); ?> after […]

wp_list_categories exclude not working

I’m try to exclude a specific category from a list of categories that a custom post has (in this case ‘Uncategorized’ – ID: 1). I’ve tried exclude: wp_list_categories([ ‘include’ => wp_list_pluck(get_the_category(), ‘term_id’), ‘title_li’ => ”, ‘exclude’ => 1 ]); But it still appears. How can I make sure it never appears, even if a post […]

Walker gives additional taxonomy name?

I’m a beginner at WordPress, so I would appreciate it if any of you could nudge me in the right way. Anyway, what irks me is how wp_list_categories (and similar functions) produce a lot of unnecessary classes and stuff I don’t need. I tried creating my own walker class based on Walker_Category, and I seem […]