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How to add Request header in WordPress remote api calls

Hey am new to WP development, can any one tell me how to add request headers in wp_remote_get() or wp_remote_post() remote api calls. I tried the following but didnt work $response = wp_remote_get( add_query_arg( array( ‘Affiliate-Id’ => XXXXX, ‘Affiliate-Token’ => XXXXX ), $api_url ) , array( ‘timeout’ => 10));

http_response_timeout filter not working

I am writing a WordPress plugin that makes calls to external sites. I want to raise the timeout for all wp_remote_* calls, so I added the following to the __construct function of my plugin: add_filter(“http_response_timeout”, function($timeout) { return 30; }); But the calls still time out after 5 seconds. I also tried using a separate […]

Change the headers content type with wp_remote_post

Working with the remote API requests with WordPress. I have used wp_remote_post() function to request the HTTP data but I am unable to update the headers Content-type I am using the following code wp_remote_post( $url, array( ‘method’ => ‘POST’, ‘timeout’ => 45, ‘redirection’ => 5, ‘httpversion’ => ‘1.0’, ‘blocking’ => true, ‘headers’ => array(“Content-type” => […]

How to send file by wp_remote_post?

I don’t want cURL in my WordPress plugin Hi, cURL is not safe to use on WordPress site. And sometime, cURL has been disable on customer hosting. And i decided to use wp_remote_post to send file for my plugin Here my code : $service = URL SERVICE ; $headers = array( ‘accept’ => ‘application/json’, // […]

creating form for wp_remote_post

i’m using code from the wordpress codex: (this is the generic version, my code is working though) $response = wp_remote_post( $url, array( ‘method’ => ‘POST’, ‘timeout’ => 45, ‘redirection’ => 5, ‘httpversion’ => ‘1.0’, ‘blocking’ => true, ‘headers’ => array(), ‘body’ => array( ‘name’ => ‘bob’, ’email’ => ‘’ ), ‘cookies’ => array() ) ); […]

On Plugin Activation, How Do I Check for Proper Transport Mechanism?

For a plugin that communicates with somewhere else, I hear we’re supposed to use wp_remote_post and wp_remote_get instead of PHP’s Curl library. Okay, but is there a fast and proper way on plugin execution to test for a blog’s PHP/host OS to have the proper transport mechanism installed? I mean, I could attempt a test […]

Error timed out with succesfull wp_remote_post

What I’m trying to do: Passing POST data by using wp_remote_post. foreach ( $articles as $article_id ) { $postarray = array( ‘method’ => ‘POST’, ‘timeout’ => 5, ‘redirection’ => 5, ‘httpversion’ => ‘1.0’, ‘blocking’ => true, ‘headers’ => array(), ‘body’ => array( ‘article_id’ => $article_id ), ‘cookies’ => array() ); $response = wp_remote_post($url, $postarray); if […]

Remote login with only the username not working

I’m writing a module for remote login into another WP site via my plugin’s admin. This is the code I’m using on the sender side: <?php add_action(‘init’, ‘connect’); function connect() { //I submit the username via a form in my plugin admin page if(isset($_POST[‘username’]) && $_POST[‘username’] != ”) { $name = $_POST[‘username’]; $response = wp_remote_post( […]

Sending JSON string through wp_remote_post()

I’m building a mailchimp integration and they require a POST call with JSON code. No, I’m using this code that actually works: $data = wp_remote_post($url, array( ‘headers’ => array(‘Content-Type’ => ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’), ‘body’ => json_encode($array_with_parameters), ‘method’ => ‘POST’ )); But, it returns a PHP warning Warning: http_build_query(): Parameter 1 expected to be Array or Object. […]

How can I use CURLOPT_USERPWD in wp_remote_post?

I’m trying to setup a proper cURL call in WordPress so am using wp_remote_post(). However, I’m having trouble authenticating the user via wp_remote_post(). Any idea how to convert the following to be used in wp_remote_post? curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH, CURLAUTH_ANY); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERPWD, “$username:$password”); Full example of proper cURL basic auth is here.