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Facebook OAuth, WP_Http::request() vs wp_remote_request()

Running WordPress 3.3.2 and PHP Version 5.2.17 I’m trying to get the access_token from Facebook using wp_remote_request() and Facebook OAuth API (btw, working example at the end of this entry). Is there any reason why this doesn’t work (should according to doc and source code)?: $response = wp_remote_request(‘’, array( ‘timeout’ => 60, ‘sslverify’ => false, […]

WP_Http_Cookie destroys cookie value through urldecode()

Background: Working on a Widget that uses a remote API using wp_remote_post to log into the service, once logged in storing the cookies received for the second request to query data with wp_remote_get. Problem: The cookies from the first request are stored in the response as WP_Http_Cookie objects and their values are run through urldecode […]

How to use the HTTP API with a Proxy?

If I want to route a HTTP request through a local (alias: on the current server) Proxy, how would I go around this? The allowed Proxy settings for the wp-config.php are the following: # HTTP Proxies # Used for e.g. in Intranets # Fixes Feeds as well # Defines the proxy adresse. define( ‘WP_PROXY_HOST’, ‘’ […]

Is it safe to use sslverify => true for with wp_remote_get/wp_remote_post

I normally use this argument to prevent errors with wp_remote_get and wp_remote_post array( ‘sslverify’ => false ) For security reasons I would like to set it to true (or remove it since the default is true). Should I expect any problems by doing that?