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Modifying WP_Title For Custom Post Type

Trying to modify the output of the WP_Title through a custom post type with a filter. I’ve had no issues doing it to the_title but I assume as the wp_title function is called through the header it’s the problem and I’m missing something simple. What I want to do is change the output of the […]

Split post title for styling

I need to split up post title and want customize both strings, For example post title is This x That I need to display this title as This xThat. Is there any way to display like that?

What could be causing the category to be appearing as the post title in the title tag?

As the title of the questions states, I have this site where in the title tags, the category is appearing as the post title, which is killing my client’s SEO, of course. I’ve disabled all plugins that could remotely be affecting it, picked through the files, rebuilt and cleaned up the header.php file, and everything […]

Remove dash from blog title wordpress

Hi this is my first time using wordpress and php, I created a static page for my front page of the site, and got my news on a separate section, I’m just wondering how do i remove the the dash from the wordpress title in the blog. I understand that its trying pull through the […]

What change does this code need to include title of parent?

I’m using a function to add conditional titles to the header of the html; example below. add_filter(‘document_title_parts’, ‘change_wp_title’, 20, 1); function change_wp_title($title) { global $post, $paged; $grappig = $title; // 404 if (is_404()) { $title[‘title’] = ‘file not available’; } elseif (is_singular( ‘schedule’ )){ $title[‘title’] = ‘Schedule: ‘ . $title[‘title’]; } // Everything else. else […]

How to remove a specific string from inside the <title> tag of a WordPress Page

I have some Pages that have a specific string in their Title, e.g. “ASDF”. I want to remove this specific string from ever appearing inside the <title> tag on the HTML generated by my theme. In my functions.php theme file, there’s this line: add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ ); In my header.php theme file, there’s this line: wp_head(); […]

Order by title – but now built in wordpress func, sort the_title

I’ve got a pretty simple WP installation, where I use qtranslate plugin to keep site in two languages. The problem is, I need to sort posts by title, and as probably you know (as you use qtranslate), that causes the problem – it sorts posts by mysql entries (which are two because of languages), and […]

How to modify a title tag in genesis?

I need to modify the outputted <title></title> tag of a few specific templates, and it has to be done in php so I can dynamically generate content for it. I’ve been playing around with these two snippets of code to get it to work, but so far the only change I’ve gotten is a duplicated […]

Set title of page using custom page template

Most of the related questions are still unanswered or have very little information. I have a custom theme for my website and use WordPress SEO for titles. All the article pages work fine, except for the pages which are created by template, i.e. /adopt-a-dog and /dog-breeds. These pages have a list of adoption entries and […]

Displaying Page Title on index.php

I have my posts page set as index.php, and on there I have my main heading (as I do on all pages). I’m having trouble displaying the page’s heading however. The page is called ‘Blog’ in WordPress, and has been specified as the posts page. If I output the page heading with wp_title(”);, I get […]