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Change all Post titles into format

I have about 2000 post with the titles in the following format: [i like apples] I want make them: [I Like Apples] I used the WP Title Case plugin, but the problem is that this plugin is only capitalizing the title of the post itself, so just h1 looks normal but <title> in <head> is […]

Custom WP TItle from custom template with dynamic URL structure

I am new to custom WP development, but I have made a custom plugin. With a custom rewrite I have made the following URL structure: /profile/[company_name]/ I have made a new post Profile with a custom template (page-profile.php). I created a WordPress Plugin which gets external info based on the dynamic url. So I get […]

Change the output of wp_title()

I use wp_title to generate some kind of breadcrumb and it works well, but in there I have the title of the site, and I want to delete that. It looks like this: Taxonomy1: City | Title of the site. I get that by using <?php wp_title(); ?>. How can I delete the title of […]

Changing title of a page dynamically from within a plugin

Every WordPress page can be described as having two titles: The page/post title, which is displayed within the page/post via the the_title() function call The html <title></title> tag that displays the title on top of the browser I am writing a plugin which at one point should change the title of a page dynamically (well, […]

Limit the word count in the post title

Is there a way to limit the word count of the post title? I searched over the internet but found nothing. All I know is, only the content of the post can be limited or excerpted.

How to change the seperator in the title

Change title separator. I’m working with the underscores starter theme. I want to make a small change to the title. Change the separator from “Post title | site name” to “Post title – site name” The simple way of doing this was to put <title><?php wp_title(‘-‘, true, ‘right’ ); ?><?php bloginfo( ‘name’ ); ?></title> in […]