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wp_editor and WPAlchemy messes up tags when updating

when using wp_editor, I paste my text in the visual editor. If I switch to HTML editor, all of my tags are there. So far, no problem. When I update the thing, all of my tags appear in my visual editor and in HTML, they become something like : <p><strong> If I update again, the […]

WpAlchemy – _global_head is being output 3 times

Today while attempting to make use of the repeating fields function (have_fields_and_multi) I’ve discovered that with the latest WpAlchemy (1.6.1) and the latest WordPress (4.6.1), the inline JavaScript blocks from MetaBox.php are output 3 times on the admin page. This breaks functionality because 3 sets of onclick events are included. I tried this on two […]

WPAlchemy: How to output values?

I am using–metabox/ and have created my meta boxes and the data is being saved successfully (See below) but I don’t know how to output these ‘ingredients’ on the front end? Array ( [docs] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [ingredient] => Cheese ) [1] => Array ( [ingredient] => Salt ) ) […]

Using custom field as custom post title

I’ve setup a custom post type with a series of custom fields using the WPAlchemy class. I’m trying to take the value of one of the custom fields and use that as the post title. So far, though, I’ve had no success. I’ve been browsing around and I’ve tried the following two different blocks of […]

WPAlchemy MediaAccess “Add Media” button opens new page instead of pop up

I’m using WPAlchemy for a custom meta box that lets you upload media. however the “Add Media” button is taking me to the “add media files to your computer…” as a new page (as if it were just a regular link) instead of opening as a pop-up on the same page. I tested my media […]