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How can I output WPAlchemy repeating fields meta values in my page template?

I have a custom post type, Downloads, which contains some custom metaboxes, including a repeating field. I’m able to output the values for all of them in my page template, but I’m not able to output the repeating fields’ values in my page template. In my downloads_meta.php, I have the following: <div class=”my_meta_control”> <label>Includes:</label> <?php […]

wpalchemi metabox doesn't show value from my post type

I record my problem here. Does someone know what I am doing wrong?

After moving my site from a dev subdomain, to root, all my custom meta data is gone

I just movde my site from a dev subdomain, to the root. I have extensive amounts of data saved in custom meta fields which I created with the WpAlchemy class. All of this data is not appearing in the site (back or front end), although it appears to be in the database. This happened right […]

WPAlchemy MediaAccess inserting media link in WP Editor instead of custom field in metabox

I’m currently working with WPAlchemy class to create a metabox in a custom post type (Events from EventEspresso plugin more precisely). This metabox should be able to call the media uploader and insert images for some custom metas. It works pretty well, i’m able to call the media uploader and persist data from textfields. But, […]

get_posts in meta box dropdown not showing latest posts

I’ve got a metabox I set up using WPAlchemy that allows authors to add a link to an associated post. It’s been working fine for months but now for some reason the dropdown with the appropriate posts isn’t updating. Here’s the code in the custom post meta php file: <p> <?php $mb->the_field(‘product_video_ID’); ?> <select name=”<?php […]

wp_editor loses data, perhaps an html_entity_decode problem?

I have a custom meta box that I created with WP Alchemy. It has two wp_editor fields. These fields are behaving very strangely. If I just type simple text into them, they work just fine. But if I use text with formatting (bold, italics, lots of paragraph breaks, that sort of thing), it will initially […]

Set default value for radio button in WP Alchemy custom meta box?

I’m using the WP Alchemy Metabox PHP class (–metabox/) to add a custom meta box with a radio select to a custom post type. The code below shows the code I’m using for the meta box, which works great. Does anyone know how I could set the first value, ‘none’, as default checked? <label>Feature project […]

How to protect post attachments related to a custom post type, from non-logged in users, on 1 subsite of a multisite installation?

I’m developing a simple “member’s only” section within a website, with the sole intention of allowing the client to post files for their members. I’ve come to realize quickly that the posts’ attachments themselves are not protected in any way within WordPress. For example, if a user was not logged in and if they knew […]

special characters after saving draft interpreted as �

I am trying to create posts in hindi language. These characters UÉeÉMÑüqÉÉU after saving/publishing are interpreted as U�e�M��q��U. Though, the special characters are stored with no change in the mysql database. The � symbol is only during retrieving. I’m stuck here. The post editor is modified to intake multiple posts. I tried commenting these […]

wp alchemy multiple image uploader output images to template

I am using wp alchemy to add a custom metabox to my site with multiple image uploader option. This part is working fine, but I have no Idea how to go about outputting the image links to my template. I am hoping to output as a unordered list. setup.php file <?php include_once WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/wpalchemy/MetaBox.php’; […]