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How to allow <video> html5 tag in WordPress

Currently I am running a WordPress MU blog using the Unfiltered MU plugin. However, when I try to insert an HTML5 tag, it gets stripped away. I believe it may be the WYSIWYG editor cleaning the code. Where can I change settings to allow ? Thanks

content gets scrambled

Every time someone edits our blog the content is displaying all wrong. It looks perfect in the wysiwyg editor but when you publish the page the content is completely wrong (pictures displayed next to each other etc. How to prevent this? example link

How to remove_filter that filters iframes in posts?

This question already has an answer here: Make WordPress WYSIWYG not strip out iframe's 5 answers

Add a select a class dropdown in tinymce

How can I add add a dropdown/select with pre defined class names into the WordPress wysiwyg (tinymce advanced) that I can put on different elements? What I’d like: Add some text or any other element Click the text and click the dropdown to select a class to be added to that element

Add TinyMCE to CPT metaboxes in 3.1?

Been looking around for an alternative to this method:–wysiwyg-editor-with-your-custom-post-meta-textareas/ To add the WYSIWYG capability to custom metaboxes. You get so little control with this method, is there any other way?

How to set the default embed image size

When a user adds media to the WYSIWYG, is there a way to set the default image size to large? It defaults to medium, I’d like this to be “large” without the user having to change the value.

Add / Remove Post Type from “Link to existing content” popup

I would like to be able to remove a custom post type AND add attached media (PDF’s, Images, Docs, etc) to the “Link to existing content” in the Add / Edit link popup in the WYSIWYG editor. Essentially, I’ve created a custom content type, but have way to many with the same name. So, I’d […]

Add WYSIWYG to Image Description field

I need to build this thing: It’s essentially an image with a caption, and it can go inline anywhere in the text. I could just create a shortcode for it I suppose, but I’d really like to integrate it with the Image Picker to make it easier for my clients. Is there any way to […]

Using main style.css with add_editor_style

All the resources I’ve read online suggest using a different CSS file (i.e. editor-style.css) in order to style the WYSIWYG editor to better resemble what the actual content will look like. For the purpose of testing I tried to just use the main style.css file that I’ve been using for the rest of the site […]

WYSIWYG editor in WP 3.2 plugin

I’ve created my own WP 3.2 plugin. Now I want to put the WYSIWYG editor in it. I’ve tried the following code: <?php the_editor(null, ‘body’, null, false); ?> Then it’s displayed. I don’t know why, but the CSS doesn’t look as it should look. Am I missing something? Should I include any CSS file?! Please […]