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Search XML file from within WordPress?

We use Jira internally for an defect mgmt system. We want to provide defect tracking to our clients. We cannot expose Jira to the web, but we do have our main site hosted on WP 3.2.1 I can export a XML file from Jira of the defects and plonk this under our WordPress site. I […]

Create XML files on post edit screen

Ok, that’s a weird question, I know.. I’m so confortable with WP that I don’t want to use any other application to generate XML (KML – Editors note: These are Google Earth files.) files. I want to use a custom post type with nothing else just a bunch of custom fields and meta boxes. I […]

Problems with creating hook that updates XML

I have been working on a plugin for WordPress, that updates an XML file with elements from the post. I have used a third party plugin to create the field for the XML, and so far that is working. I am having a lot of trouble with the XML and the hook itself. I am […]

How to get a Google maps SQL->XML->map marker tutorial to work in WordPress

I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my code for a couple days now, and I can’t seem to crack it. I am trying to follow this tutorial I tried all three of the suggested methods to output the XML from my sql server, and I could only get it to […]

How to properly loop through these external URLs to get them into the sitemap using this hook

I have filtered Urls that I would like to add to push into a sitemap. I am using one of the sitemap plugins, which has hooks to further modify it. my code: // add to theme’s functions.php add_filter(‘bwp_gxs_external_pages’, ‘bwp_gxs_external_pages’); function bwp_gxs_external_pages($pages) { return array( array(‘location’ => home_url(‘’), ‘lastmod’ => ’27/03/2017′, ‘frequency’ => ‘auto’, ‘priority’ => […]

Create Posts using Import>RSS/WXR/XML and pass values to Custom Fields

My problem is simple. I need to make a lot of posts containing image url’s for a “photo gallery” page. I’ve read up a lot on creating posts from RSS feeds and imports. I’ve been successful at creating posts but can not somehow pass a value into a custom type. The gallery needs two url’s, […]

How to re-Import the WordPress XML file after editing?

I have exported all my content to WordPress XML file via WordPress>Tools>Export as I needed to edit 300 posts at a time. Now, my concern is how to re import the file to override the default one? By re-importing the file via WordPress Tools it does only import new posts, so it’s not adapted to […]

How do I Import an RSS feed as WordPress posts without duplicates?

I have an XML feed url I am now using this code to create new Custom Post Type Posts from an rss feed in my functions.php file: /* | ——————————————————————- | Schedule and update fashion news with the news rss feed | ——————————————————————- | | */ if (!wp_next_scheduled(‘update_feed’)) wp_schedule_event(current_time(‘timestamp’), ‘hourly’, ‘update_feed’); add_action(‘update_feed’, ‘update_fashion_news’); function update_fashion_news() […]

How to add featured image or custom field to xml feed?

I already tried the plugins RSS Manager, Add featured image to RSS feed and Featured Image In Rss Feed. But all they do is add the image inside the <description> attribute of the xml feed. There is at least 2 problems with that: The blog that’s pulling the feed truncates the <description> at about 300 […]

How to duplicate a curl XML request using HTTP API?

I am working on a plugin that posts an XML request to a vendor’s shipping API to get shipping quotes. The XML is stored in a string called $xml. I can post the XML request successfully with curl using these parameters: $curl = curl_init( $this->settings[‘api_url’] ); curl_setopt( $curl, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0 ); curl_setopt( $curl, CURLOPT_POST, 1 […]