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Creating post content from external web scraper via JSON or RPC

I’m looking for a way to post content from a web scraper external to our WordPress site to post content its scraped into our site. Right now, I have the scraped content formatted into JSON. Could I somehow use the JSON API to post that json formatted data into a WP site, or would I […]

Working code example of PHP XML-RPC connex to site?

I’m working on an integration between an outside app (which needs to pull user names and some taxonomy data, and create new posts) and a WordPress site. I’m running the latest build of WP (4.0). The XML-RPC documentation being as spare as it is, I’m hoping someone out there can just pastebin a recent (2014?) […]

PHP library that can merge stylesheet with inline style

I am working with html document generated from Micrsoft Word 2007/2010. Besides generating incredibly dirty html, word also has the tendency of using both block and inline style. I am looking for a php library would merge block into already existing inline style element. I have html converted from Word and will be sending them […]

Help Me Choose RSS or XML-RPC

Scenario: I have a mother site which has a blog and say about 12 category. I also have 12 other wordpress site. Some in the subdomain of and some are different domains. 12 Sites represent 12 category. When I Post on a category the post should be also posted to a appropriate category […]

How to get all posts (in chunks) via XML-RPC?

I would like to retrieve all posts of a blog via the XML-RPC API of WordPress. There are the methods of blogger.getRecentPosts and metaWeblog.getRecentPosts which – given a sufficiently high value as number of posts (or -1) in theory should return all posts. However, this does not work for very large blogs or very weak […]

How to secure WordPress XMLRPC?

XMLRPC is great for remote publishing to WordPress, but there has been many security issues attributed to it. How do it make it more secure? More specifically, only user from the intranet will be publishing through XMLRPC. WP is currently running on Lighttpd and php5.3.

XML-RPC and Custom Post Types

I can’t find much documentation on using XML-RPC and custom post types. I have a specific requirement that remote posting and management (the client has an in-house cms) must be used for a custom post type.

Create a new post in wordpress with XML-RPC with the correct GUID?

When I use XML-RPC to create a new post instead of wp_insert_post the post is created with wrong guid/URL. With XML-RPC the guid is created with ID not slug. // Input data $my_page = array(); $my_page[“post_title”] = $alternatename_main; $my_page[“post_content”] = $postcontent; $my_page[“post_excerpt”] = $postexcerpt; $my_page[“post_status”] = “publish”; $my_page[“post_date”] = date(“Y-m-d H:i:s”); $my_page[“post_author”] = 1; $my_page[‘post_type’] […]

Attach to wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php

I am receiving many requests to my wp-login.php and xmlrpc file, now I just set up an htaccess to prevent requests to xmlrpc, but how do you suggest me to block wp-login? thanks

Is it possible to post with Word 2007 via XML-RPC and limit categories by user?

I’m working on a project for a school district I work at where we want to use Word Press to have employees from all of the buildings post announcements and press releases via Word 2007. We will then use RSS feeds to show the information on the district’s web page and other subscribed locations. The […]