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How to list updates using WordPress XML-RPC methods

Can any one tell me how I can list the updates using WordPress XML-RPC methods, like how we list posts and comments using wp.getPosts and wp.GetComments. I searched for the methods but I couldn’t find any.

WordPress can't find IXR_Client

Trying: $client = new IXR_Client(‘’); I get the error Fatal error: Class ‘IXR_Client’ not found in footer.php I can see the class in wp-includes/class-IXR.php, and I’ve checked that the path to this file is correct in wp-includes/functions.php as per this discussion. Am I missing something needed to use this class in my custom theme’s footer?

wp.setOptions of the XML-RPC API does not appear to work

It seems to me that the XML-RPC API command wp.setOptions is not working. For example if I send this information: array( “users_can_register” => array( “desc” => “Allow new users to sign upppp”, “readonly” => false, “value” => 0 ) ) It will set the option to this value: array( “users_can_register” => array( “desc” => “Allow […]

Checking for origin of a xmlrpc request

I have webapp A (running wordpress) talking to webapp B (running on Java, no wordpress or php). B issues xmlrpc requests to A over https. In order to secure the xmlrpc endpoint on A I’d like to verify the identity of the caller i.e making sure A only accepts xmlrpc requests generated by B. In […]

How Enable XML-RPC in WP 4.8.2

How Can Enable XML in Version 4.8.2 ? I Want Enable XML RPC Then Connected to it with Programming library thx i can not connect to xml-rpc with WordPress Library for .net

Best way for plugin to accept POSTs?

The problem: I’m developing a plugin which needs to accept POST data (webhooks from an external source). I do not have control over the format of the data POSTed. My only option for passing my own data is through URL arguments passed when registering the webhook. So far I’ve come up with 3 ideas, none […]

wp.getComments is returning nill, when i called from my iphone app

i have called wp.getComments from my iphone app, but its returning nil,, following r my parameters can anybody tell me where i gone wrong NSDictionary *DicCommentStructure = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@””,@”Approved”,@”50″,@”10″,nil]; // Send XMLRPCRequest to the server NSArray *arrParameters = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”1″, @”username”, @”password”,DicCommentStructure, nil]; NSString *strServer = [[[NSString alloc] initWithString:@””] autorelease]; // the server NSString *strMethod […]

Call specific plugin update

I’m looking for way to update specific plugin via xmlrpc api. There is no exposed any function for do upgrades. I’ve tried to visit (“update now” url from admin panel, _wpnonce parameter created by calling wp_nonce_url), but it gives only “Are you sure?” message. Sending post request to update-core.php?action=do-plugin-upgrade gives me this same: are […]

Can I Remove xmlrpc.php completely?

My site is getting a lot of malicious traffic to, to the point that the server is not being able to handle it. I tried to disable it via the wp-config.php, by adding this line: add_filter(‘xmlrpc_enabled’, ‘__return_false’); And I also tried this plugin, but neither method seemed to have worked. Now I am considering […]

How do I programmatically create new posts of a custom post type over the XML-RPC API?

I would like to programmatically create posts of a custom post type with custom taxonomies over the XML-RPC API. This is what I have so far: <?php class XMLRPClientWordPress { var $XMLRPCURL = “”; var $UserName = “”; var $PassWord = “”; // constructor public function __construct($xmlrpcurl, $username, $password) { $this->XMLRPCURL = $xmlrpcurl; $this->UserName = […]