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Embeding YouTube video via a template function throws iframe cross-domain policy error

I’m using WordPress 3.5 which natively supports embeds into posts and pages from many sites, YouTube included. When I embed a Youtube video directly onto a post or a page (by simply copying and pasting the video url), it works fine and no cross-domain policy errors are thrown in Chrome or Firefox. However, when I […]

Embed YouTube video from custom field value

I’m collecting Youtube video links in custom fields, but when I echo out the value it just prints the URL. How do I get WordPress to convert it to be embedded? Example: <?php global $post; $video = get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘_my_video_link’, true ); echo ( $video ); ?> Just outputs But I want it to […]

Grab YouTube Thumbnail AFTER Post?

I’m using a feed to receive special YouTube feeds organized via playlists. Unfortunately, the URL is not included in the description field, but I can get the videos to display by including the source URL on post. This works fine except since the URL is not in the post area in the editor, the YouTube […]

vimeo/youtube video embed with thumbnails

Is there a way to get wordpress to embed Vimeo, YouTube videos like tumblr with a thumbnail and then to play without the player buttons? examples –

Use oEmbed in List Items

I’m aware that WordPress has oEmbed functionality. But the content to be embedded has to be on it’s own line like so: Lorem Ipsum More Lorem Ipsum Unfortunately, my markup looks like this so oEmbed doesn’t work and I have to use a plugin. <ul> <li></li> <li></li> </ul> Is there anyway I can get […]

Any way to use a custom Parameter for youtube embed without using an iframe?

I do not want to display the titles of videos I embed on my wordpress site. The way I’ve been doing this is using the embed link, inserting the iframe in the wordpress post and adding the custom Parameter “showinfo=0” to the end of the url. This has worked well, until I decided to change […]

How can i add all videos from youtube playlist as post?

I want to add 200 videos from YouTube playlist to my WordPress blog. Each video iframe add as each post to particular category. I searched many plugins but that’s not meet my requirement.

YouTube oEmbed and privacy-enhanced mode

When you´re embed a youtube video in an iframe, you can enable the privacy-enhanced mode, so YouTube doesn´t store information about your web page visitors until they play the video. I’ve tried to embed a video via oEmbed and the URL but it didn’t work. Is there a chance to implement a privacy-friendly solution […]

WordPress Editor not getting youtube video preview

When I am creating a post from the admin panel and using a youtube link in the Editor, the editor automatically fetching the video from youtube and displaying right away in the editor. But When i am using custom code to display the editor in the frontend and putting the youtube URL its not getting […]

Preventing YouTube embeds loading multiple instances of player JS?

I have noticed on many WordPress sites I work on that when there is more than one YouTube video embedded, multiple instances of the player JS will be called. Since it’s a full megabyte of data, I am trying to determine if there is a way to have only one instance of the JS loaded. […]