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Add parameter to first post only

I’ve set up a custom post type called “Videos”. I have assigned an ACF oEmbed custom field to “Videos”. On the archive page, I have a loop which queries the custom post type and displays all of the videos. I would like to autoplay only first (latest) video that is posted at the top. The […]

iframe with Youtube video appears for logged-in users, but not for incognito users

I have a YouTube video on a site’s homepage, but when viewing the site as an unknown / non-logged-in user, it’s NOT showing up at all. And when viewing in admin / a logged-in WP user of the site, it DOES show up. What could be causing this? Other than using some 3rd party theme […]

Embed YouTube video pop out instead of just playing in the corner

I have an embedded youtube video in a sidebar widget on my wordpress Here’s the the embedded sample of the code: <iframe width=”155″ height=”120″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> <a href=”;controls=0&amps; showinfo=0″ target=”_blank”> I’m trying to make it so when they hit play on the video, it blows up to the middle of the screen (not full […]

WordPress, oEmbed & YouTube video's with a 'dash'

I am having an issue where a video with a ‘dash’ (-) in the url are not being embedded in WordPress. This is happening when pasting the URL into a page / post and is also able to be reproduced when using the wp_oembed_get command. The YouTube URL in question is: Any YouTube URL […]

Why is my get_post_meta not properly calling the custom field when attempting to embed a YouTube video?

I have added a custom field to 2 posts in order for a non-developer to be able to post a video link from YouTube, and put the embed id in a custom field to be called by the code below. But when I tried to execute it I get “An error occurred, please try again […]

YouTube embeded video will not resize (only full screen responsive)

I am running Headway theme in the latest version of WP. I embed the code below although it ignores the youtube embed size and renders full width on the front end. Code:

I'm having a problem viewing the Youtube video

I’m having a problem viewing the Youtube video. In my single-custom I am using: <? Php echo wpautop ($post-> post_content); ?> And when I put the Youtube link he is not showing the video but only his link. What could be wrong?

Extract links inside embed tags in WordPress

I am using the default WordPress embed to embed a couple of videos in the content. I want to extract the video link from , can anyone help with the regex?

How to change thumbnail of embedded Youtube video?

When I embed a Youtube video onto my page, is there a way to change the thumbnail displayed (screenshot)? I do not have admin access to the Youtube video in-question. I would prefer a non-plugin solution if possible. I found these instructions, but they did not work.

How to allow YouTube object embed in WordPress 3+?

I admin a WordPress blog with a few dozens of users. Since we upgraded to version 3.1+ my users can’t insert the YouTube embed tags into a post ( wordpress or TinyMCE removes them ). When I’m logged in as administrator, I can insert the , and tags. But my users cannot. What about the […]