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How do you use unzip_file()?

I have been trying to use the unzip_file() function. It says undefined so I looked into it and the WP_Filesystem() must be called and set up. So easy, right? require_once(ABSPATH .’/wp-admin/includes/file.php’); WP_Filesystem(); unzip_file( $zip, $dest ); Even this shows as undefined, and I don’t see any documentation on it. I am trying to use the […]

How can I fix my server so core/plugins/theme update don't silently fail?

I run my own server and have a few dozen WordPress sites. Recently, many updates (plugin and core) have been silently failing. If I try to do the update from the updates page, I get a message like this one: The update process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so […]

AJAX issue – Uncaught SyntaxError when processing Zip File

I’m creating an application that will allow a user to fill out a form and then have a customized zip file downloaded for them upon submit. I’m utilizing AJAX to accomplish this task. Build.prototype.ajaxHandler = function(method, values) { jQuery.ajax({ type: ‘POST’, url: WP_LOCALIZED[‘url’], data: { action: ‘request_handler’, method: method, data: values }, success: function(data) { […]

How do you protect a premium theme from being copied?

I’m thinking of doing up a couple of premium themes, and selling copies of them. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I have a couple of questions. I appreciate that this is mainly a forum for asking technical questions, so if anyone wants to point me in the direction of somewhere that might […]